Thursday, December 23, 2004

Lineage Societies - Military and Patriotic Service

The Revolutionary War military and patriotic service of our ancestors is becoming of more interest to us as we have been involved in family history for several years. Problems of access to official military service records; indices of military and patriotic service through compilations may not be in local libraries and leaves us with an overwhelming sense of frustration. Brickwalls exist that must be overcome in order to prove descendancy from our patriot ancestors. Problem solving techniques will be discussed and, in further postings, pension applications will be presented to analyze for potential documents and where they may be archived.
War of 1812 and Civil War Societies will also be discussed.
Open discussion is welcomed relating to genealogy and problem solving techniques, source materials, compiled record books, histories, biographies, sharing of data, DNA projects, family newsletters and associations, and events of local and national interest to genealogists.

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