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Charles County Maryland

Charles County Maryland Probate Records, Inventories. Book 1717-1735
For Probate Records from 1653 -1753 see LDS microfilm #137400/3375/04

Page 56: Vincent LANGFORD dec'd. 27 November 1718

Dickson County Tennessee

Dickson County Tennessee Marriages, 1817-1856 by Sherry J. Kilgore (1987)
Pub. & Dist. by Byron Sistler & Associates,Inc.
1712 Natchez Trace
PO Box 120934
Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 615-297-3085

LANGFORD, Mary to James LANGFORD 22 June 1852 (24 June 1852)
LANKFORD, Harriett to John T. Lampley 12 September 1843 (14 Sept. 1843)
LANKFORD, Jamima to Joseph Parker 22 September 1845 (24 Sept.1845)
LANKFORD, Lurana to John Castleman 28 April 1843 (30 April 1843)
LANKFORD, Sarah to Gladden Tidwell 9 December 1835
LANKFORD, Sarah C. to Jonathan Adcock 15 January 1851

Ware County Georgia

Indian War Troups of 1838
The South Georgia Historical and Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 1, July 1922, No. 3, pp. 11-12.
From the Muster Roll of Capt. Nathaniel J. Holton's Company, mustered in 9 June 1838 serving until 19 August 1838. Called out by Col.Thomas Hillard to repel Indian invasion of Ware County.

Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

Greenville, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana History submitted by Linda Franklin Green to genweb pages for Lincoln Parish. She wrote "Several years ago Mrs. R.H.Griffin showed this to me and retyped it for her. She used to write an article for the Ruston Daily Leader many years ago about the Greenville Community."

Greenville History
The first two teachers in Greenville in 1907 were Misses Betty and Emma LANGFORD. Twelve grades were taught.Miss Betty was the principal. She taught the higher grades. Miss Emma taught the lower grades. They had to walk several miles to their boarding place, Will Franklin's home near Mineral Springs. There were no roads, on a foot path through the woods. These women asked Mr. J.W. Green to build an extra room across the hall on his house. He got busy and built it. There the teachers boarded for many years.

Rockingham County North Carolina

Rockingham County Deed Books
Deed Book A:70
7 April 1786. William Plumber to Speedwell Congregation, one acre for 5 shillings being part of
520 acres granted to William Plumber on South side of Piney Creek adj. Peter Perkins.
Witnesses: John Stewart, William LANGFORD, and George Lemond.

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South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Summer 1996, p. 167,
Pendleton District Deed Book F. , page 409.
Thomas Harrison to my son Benjamin Harrison, a negro man called Williston, a negro girl Hannah after my decease and that of my wife Caty, and then to descend to William LANGFORD son of Hetty Langford, also the house propertyand stock that I have given to Benjamin Harrison. Dated 14 January 1802. Thomas Harrison seal. Wit: J.D. Terrell, Richard Shipp.
My Note: Hetty is often the nickname for Esther and Hester.

South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume XII, Number 2, Spring, 1984
Abstracts of Newberry County Will Book A, page 382
At a court held for Newberry county, 29 Feb. 1796, will of John LANGFORD, dec'd. recorded.
William Langford and Winnefred Langford executors, qualified. John Langford of the state of South Carolina, Newberry County: 1. to son, William, 1 featherbed,a horse, a cow and calf, half tract of land I now live on, being on west side of Buffalo Creek; 2. to son Jacob, 1 featherbed,a horse, a cow and calf, same tract of land lying on east side of the creek, the creek being the dividing line; . 3. to daughter Anne 1 featherbed, a mare, a cow and calf, tract of 200 acres joining back line of my other tract and Carter's line; 4. to grandson Asa Langford 1 shilling stg.; 5. to wife all rest of my goods; 6. wife and son William executors.

South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume XII, Number 1, Winter, 1984
Abstracts of Lexington District Wills
Will of Asa LANGFORD of the District of Lexington to my son Stanmore Langford, my Sorrel filly, two cows and calves,my best bed, bedstead and furniture, my writing desk, my rifle gun and cupboard, also 200 acres whereon I now live, the dividing line to commence on Saluda River to bind on lands whereon John Earlge now lives, and on lands held by Miss Temperance Hays, Mrs. Elizabeth Lewey, and my son William Langford lands; to my three children Almena Haltiwanger, Susannah Dreher and William Langford and my stepson Julius Smith, one third of my estate; the remaining two thirds I desire to be divided into eight equal shares and distributed as follows: one eighth to my son John Langford, to my son James Langford, to my son Stanmore Langford, to my son William Langford, to my daughter Almena Haltiwanger, to my daughter Susannah Dreher, one eighth to my grandchildren John Roberts & Mary Ann Corley, and the remaining eighth to the children or lawful issue of my daughter Anna Snelgrove. My sons John Langford and Stanmore Langford, executors. --1845.

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Anson County North Carolina

Papers of Colony of North Carolina 1735 - 1764, Vol. 1, part 2, page 321
Arthur Dobb, Royal Governor

William Lankford, 5 December 1760, 200 acres in Anson County on the Northeast side of Pee Dee River, joining James Mackilroy, Solomons Creek, both sides of the Middle Fork of the said creek and both sides of the Watery Branch of said Creek.

Granville County North Carolina

Kinfolk of Granville County North Carolina 1765-1826
Zae H. Gwynn

Deed Book Q, page 284
Henry Lawrence, William Lawrence, John Lawrence, James Lawrence, Parrish Langford and BenjaminHayes, assignes for Josiah Hayes deedto Robert Jones. 11 February 1799.

Northampton County North Carolina

Miscellaneous Land Office Papers Granville District of North Carolina 1748-1763
Vol. 5, Margaret Hoffmann

#5295 - John Robinson, gentleman, plat dated 27 November 1762, 171 acres in Northampton County joining Roanoke River,Oconeeche Swamp, and Mirey Branch (a point)
near Green's Spring, Charles Noden, and other old lines. SCC: Thomas Langford, John Drewery,; J. Edwards Surveyor.
SCC=Sworn Chain Carrier

Rowan County North Carolina

Miscellaneous Land Office Papers Granville District of North Carolina 1748-1764.
Vol. 3, Margaret Hoffman

#4516 Benjamin Deason, 12 November 1756, 93 acres in Rowan County, Parish of St. Luke's on Creek joining Tates corner, the mouth of a branch on South side of Dan River on Tates corner, the various courses of the said river.
/S/ mark, Wit: W.Churton, Griffeth Rutherford; Surveyed 1 March 1754; SCC Beverly Watkins, James Langford; W.Churton Surveyor.
SCC=Sworn Chain Carrier.