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Langford and Lankford of Alabama

Smith Chapel Cemetery
Collinsville, DeKalb County, Alabama
Lankford, J. D., b. 1909, d. 1938
Lankford, John M., b. 1876, d. 1923, SS Nettie C. Lankford, Masonic emb.
Lankford, Nattie C., b. 1886, d. 1939, SS John M. Lankford, mother

Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery, aka Burnt Church Cemetery, DeKalb County ALALANKFORD,DOLLIE b.Dec.3,1911-d.Aug. 17,1982 ss/w Robert D. Lankford
LANKFORD,ROBERT D. b.June 2,1898-d.May 14,1987 ss/w Dollie Lankford-------------------------------------------



Directions: (From the north) From I-24/I-59 Junction, go south on I-59
approximately 39.9 miles to Exit 222 (Fort Payne), turn right on U.S.
Hwy. 11, turn at second road to left, County road #27, at stop sign (3-
way stop) proceed straight on to Airport Road go approximately 2 miles
turn right on to Houston Loop Rd. W, driveway to cemetery 0.1 mi. on
right. Cemetery located behind Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall at corner.
(From the south) Exit I-59 north at Exit 218 turn left on to State Hwy
35 (towards Rainsville, AL) proceed approximately 0.4 mi. at first stop
light turn right on to Airport Rd. go 2.8 miles turn left on Houston
Loop Rd. W... cemetery on right.

DeKalb County Alabama Tombstones

Land for cemetery donated by John M. & Elizabeth B. Lankford. LANKFORD, ? b.Feb. (Remainder of stone broken-unreadable)

LANKFORD, ? b.Feb. (Remainder of stone broken-unreadable)
LANKFORD, ALEXANDER b.1842-d.1861 "Pvt. Co. E 12 Ala. Inf. C.S.A."
LANKFORD, AMANDA b.1871-d.1953 "In Sweetest Sleep-Sleep In Jesus"
LANKFORD, BILLY EARL b.Feb. 2,1925-d.Nov. 23,1965 "Son of Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Lankford"
LANKFORD, DEE JAY b.Oct. 18,1946-d.Nov. 4,1946 "Darling We Miss Thee"
LANKFORD ,ELIZABETH B. b.Feb. 12,1806-d.Nov. 3,1889 ss/w John M. Lankford (a)
LANKFORD, FRANCISE b.1842-d.1932 "In Sweetest Sleep"
LANKFORD, GENORA b.Dec. 26,1873-d.Oct. 19,1942 ss/w John M. Lankford (b)
LANKFORD, HOWARD DEE b.Dec. 14,1919-d.Dec. 12,1981 "SSGT. U.S. Army World War II"
LANKFORD, JAMES L. b.Dec. 22,1835-d.Feb. 22,1901 ss/w Mary D. Lankford
"Father""Serg. Co. B Ala. Cav.
LANKFORD, JAY HERBERT b.Feb. 20,1907-d.May 10,1989 ss/w Twyla M. Lankford
LANKFORD, JENNIE PUGH b.Jan. 14,1913-d.Dec. 26,1999 ss/w William Emory Lankford
LANKFORD, JOHN B. b.1831-d.1903 "Co. C 3 Conf. Cav."
LANKFORD, JOHN B. b.June 12,1913-dFeb. 9,1914 "Son of J.M. & Genora"
LANKFORD, JOHN HARRY "LEFTY" b.Jan. 25,1914-d.Jan. 21,1999
LANKFORD, JOHN J. b.Oct. 2,1884-d.Apr. 25,1971 ss/w Nola Poe Lankford
LANKFORD, JOHN M. b.Feb. 25,1808-d.Nov. 17,1882 ss/w Elizabeth B. Lankford (a)
LANKFORD, JOHN M. b.Aug. 1,1872-d.Sept. 22,1954 ss/w Genora Lankford (b)
LANKFORD, L. PALESTINE b.June 17,1859-d.July 4,1890 "Sister"
LANKFORD, MARY A. b.Aug. 1845-d.Feb. 6,1890 ss/w Peter H. Lankford
LANKFORD, MARY D. b.Oct. 10,1833-d.Dec. 29,1907 ss/w James L. Lankford
LANKFORD, MARY E. b.Oct. 3,1880-d.Sept. 14,1963 ss/w William H. Lankford
LANKFORD, N.A. b.Jan. 16,1863-d.July 5,1899 (Nancy A. ?)
LANKFORD, NOLA POE b.Jan. 2,1892-d.May 18,1864 ss/w John J. Lankford
LANKFORD, PETER H. b.Nov. 26,1831-d.Oct. 11,1900 ss/w Mary A. Lankford (Pvt. Co. E
12 Ala. Inf.
Confederate States of America)
LANKFORD, ROBERT A. b.Oct. 14,1864-d.Apr. 20,1886 "Our Loved One"
LANKFORD, ROBERT VICTOR b.Nov. 17,1917-dOct. 11,1985 ss/w Tressie June Lankford
LANKFORD, SARAH A. b.Sept. 21,1839-d.Sept. 8,1866 (stone broken)
LANKFORD, S.(usan?) b.1806-d,Dec. 16,1883
LANKFORD, TRUSSIE JUNE b.Apr. 24,1921-d.May 25,1998 ss/w Robert Victor Lankford
LANKFORD, TWYLA b.Oct. 8,1918-d.---------- ss/w Jay Herbert Lankford
LANKFORD, VICTORIA b.1859-d.1935 "In Sweetest Sleep-Sleep In Jesus"
LANKFORD, W.C. b.Feb. 1,1867-d.Mar. 15,1901
LANKFORD, WEBSTER HOBSON b.Sept. 24,1904-d.Apr. 11,1972
LANKFORD, WILLIAM EMORY b.Feb. 21,1912-d.Apr. 12,1997 ss/w Jennie Pugh Lankford
LANKFORD, WILLIAM H. b.Sept. 7,1879-d.Dec. 23,1963 ss/w Mary E. Lankford
LANKFORD, WILLIAM MATSON (stone unreadable, grave left of John J. Lankford's
grave,son of John J. Lankford,
source: Nola Lankford Baker, grand-daughter of John J. Lankford) d.Apr. 1921

Contributed by Rose Cranston a Langford researcher and very is very much appreciated.

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Revolutionary War Documents

Obtaining Revolutionary War Pension Application Documents

There are two Series for these papers.
1. Series M-805 which is composed of 800+ rolls of microfilm and contain selected papers.
2. Series M-804 which is composed of 2000+ rolls of microfilm and contain the complete papers.

These Series are in alphabetical order by soldier's name.

One can rent via local library for a fee of $3.50 plus postage the roll of film containing one's ancestor's application.

One can order for $37.00 a copy of the Series M804 record from NARA.

Heritage Quest has on-line selected pages from the applications but have not posted a notice of the fact.

The appropriate order forms are listed on the National Archives website.

Further source information will be listed regarding Revolutionary War service.

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PAYNES of Pittsylvania County Virginia

Lineage from Abstracts of Wills with Explanations.

Proved September 23, 1773 Book 5 page 400
Son: John Payne, 1 shilling and no more.
Land to be equally divided between Daniel Payne, Mark Payne and Edmond Payne,
my three other sons [Note: unnamed in this will]
Wife: Hanna Payne, sole executrix
Witnesses: David Harris, Joseph Harris and John Harris
Signed: John (o) Payn [sic].

Proved March 24, 1775 Book 5 page 413
Youngest brother Stephen Payne, land containing about 100 acres which was left to me by my father John Pane
Gilbert Turner, one horse and desire that Gilbert Turner, the same shall pay all my funeral charges and costs
Executrix: My loving mother Hannah Payne
Witnesses: John Dickinson, David Pane and Edmond Pane
Signed: Mark (X) Pane [sic]

Note: Stephen Payne is not named in his father John Payne’s will of 1773. A study of both wills is necessary to determine if the David in Mark’s will is or is not Daniel in John’s will. If they are indeed two separate men, then David may be another of the unnamed sons in John’s will.
End Note

Proved: May 15, 1781, Book 11 page 122
Sons: William, Samuel, Josiah and Daughter Rhoda, 1 shilling each
Son: Charles Payne: my land that live on. The land I sold to Zachariah Boots according to our
bargain, the said Boots shall have a right to the land.
Son: Reuben Payne: land where the new cabbin is
Son: John Payne: 2 cows and calves when he marries
Wife: Elizabeth: lends her all moveable estate as long as continues a widow. She is not to dispose of anything. At here death all estate to be sold and equally divided amongst John and Charles Payne and the children I have by my last wife.
Executor: William Durrett and John Payne
Added: I have a piece of land in North Carolina in Wilkes County to be sold and money divided as above.
Signed John Payne
Witnesses: Moses Ayers, Gabriel Richards, Charles Payne

Proved: December 17, 1785, Book 11 page 150
Son: William, negroes he now has in his possession and tract of land whereon he now lives in Fluvanna County containing 400 acres, with negroes Long Tom, Squire and Patt
Son: Josias Payne, confirm gift formerly made to him of 700 acres of land in Goochland County on waters of Beaver Dam Creek, with negroes London, Ned and Alice
Son: George Payne, confirms gift formerly made to him of 200 acres of land on Licking Hole Creek, also 200 acres on Chopt Road, with negroes Will, Rose and Jude
Son: John Payne, confirms gift to him of 200 acres of land on Little Bird Creek and 400 acres in the fork of James River with negroes Peter, Ned and Bob
Son-in-law: William Heale, who married my daughter Susanna, confirms gift made to them of 365 acres on waer of Little Bird Creek with negroes Phillis and her children and girl named Tiller
Son: Robert Payne, all of a tract of land in Goochland County on Licking Hole Creek, 800 acres, being plantation whereon I formerly lived and confirms gift of negroes which he has in his possession with Joe, Nan, Lucy and James
Daughter: Agness Mitchell, the negroes she received of me after her marriage and negroes Jane, Molland and her child, Hannah
Daughter: Ann Harrison, negroes she has now in her possession with Tom and Hannah his wife and Ben
Granddaughter: Anne, daughter of my son Robert Payne, negro girl Milley
Granddaughter: Keturah, daughter of my son Robert Payne, negro girl Betty,
Rest of estate not given to be sold and the money divided amongst all my children.
Executors: Sons: William and Robert Payne and son-in-law William Harrison
Signed: Josias Payne
Witnesses: James Sanders, Charles Dixon and S. Hopson.

Proved May 16, 1791 Book 9 page 14
Wife: Anne, lends her negroes Buck, Dick, Bett, Pheby, Nan and Archer during her life or widowhood and use of plantation whereon I know live on SS of Dan River. After my wife’s decease to go to son Charles Payne and said negroes to be equally divided amongst all my children then surviving. Tract of land I purchased from Edward Sparks to be sold.
Son: Robert Payne, negro boy Joe, if he lives until Bobby get possession, if not the value of the boy.
Son: John Payne, upper one half of my land in Goochland County and negro boy Tom
Son: Robert Payne, lower one half of my land in Goochland County with boy James
Daughter: Betsy Sanders, negroes Annaka and Frank which she now has in her possession
Daugher: Keturah, at her marriage besides the girl Betty which was left her by her grandfather, a negro boy Pompey
Daughter: Ann Harrison exclusive of negro girl Milley left her by her grandfather girl Agga
Daughter: Agness, 2 negroes Jane and Watt
Daughter: Mary Woodson, negroes Lucy and Ben
Signed: Robert Payne
Executors: William Harrison and his son Robert Harrison, my son Robert Payne and wife Anne Payne.
Witnesses: Robert Burton, Thomas Fearn, Edmund Burton
Codicil: Since writing Will,have bought 131 acres of land from Robert Burton on upper side of Burton’s land adjoining the land I live on. Said land I give to my son Charles Payne.

John Payne and Hannah
unknown or David?

John Payne and Elizabeth
Rhoda married George Roberts Jr.*

Josias Payne and Unknown
Susanna married William Heale
Agness married uknown Mitchell
Ann married William Harrison

Robert Payne and Anne
Betsy married unknown Sanders
Ann married Robert Harrison son of William Harrison and Ann Payne
Mary married unknown Woodson

Proved May 27, 1773 Book 5, page 394
Son: George Roberts Jr.
Daughters: Dorothy Coldwell [Caldwell?] , Sarah Blair, Alie Hamlin
Land to be divided equally between four of my children
All the woman’s close viz. that is now in my chest to Alee [Alie] Hamlin
Bed and furniture to daughter Dorothy Coldwell
All the rest of my estate of goods and chattels to be equally divided between the above said four children, except. 1 shilling sterling to all the rest of my children, namely: Mary Hamelton, John Roberts to which the said tennement, good and chattels to be theirs I log’d as their proper estate forever.
Executors: William Durrett and Allen Cole.
Signed: George (X) Roberts
Witnesses Gabriel Richards, John(X) Caldwell and Mary (X) Durrett
Will presented by William Durrett and Allen Caldwell

Note: William Durrett was executor of John Payne 1781 Will. Gabriel Richards is a witness to this same will. Question: Is Caldwell the correct spelling of Coldwell and are these men related to the Paynes?
End Note

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LOOK-UPs from my personal library

Sunlight on the Southside: Lunenburg County Virginia
Nothing But Blood and Slaughter - Revolutionary War in the Carolinas
Greene County Mississippi Marriages
Marion County Mississippi Miscellaneous Records
Baldwin County Georgia Marriages
Methodist Church Record Books: Milledgeville George 1811-1876