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Langford and Lankford New Kent and Hanover Counties Virginia

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Robinson, John. 22 Sept 1682. New Kent County. granted 1,252
acres on the Dragon Swamp and branches thereof. Beginning &c. belonging
to the land of Thomas Landford; thence &c. over certain branches of
Arracxicoe to a Corner Red Oak by the Mill Path. (NOTE: Dragon Swamp is
today in King and Queen -this county was cut from New Kent in 1691)

13Nov 1?13. New Kent County. Grantees: THOMAS LANKFORD and John Lewis
- 531 3/4 acres surplus land found within the bounds of a patent granted
to Andrew Davis, John Webb, and John Langworthy the l5th of December 1673.

Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., Va. (National Society of
the Colonial Dames of America in Virginia - Much of the original are
missing - most of the earliest years.)

9 Aug 1688 - MARTHA D/O JOHN LANEFORD bapt 9 Aug 1688

8 Jan 1719 - JOHN s/o JOHN LANGFORD born Jan ye 8th 1719
20 Sep 1722 - HENRY s/o JOHN LANGFORD born Sep. 20th 1722
6 Feb 1724 - JOHN s/o JOHN LANGFORD born Feb. 6th 1723/4
4 Jan 1726 - ELIZ: daugt of JNO LANGFORD born Jany 4, 1725/26
7 Feb 1726 - ELIZ:TH LANGFORD Died Feb ye 7th 1725/6
6 Mar 1728 - EDWARD ye son of JNO. & REBECCA LANGFORD born Mar 6 & bapt
May 11
[NOTE: years 1730-4 are missing]

24 Jan 1753 - WILLIAM s/o EDWARD & ANN LANGFORD born 24 Jan, bapt May 4
21 Mar 1756 - EDMUND s/o EDWARD & ANN LANGFORD born Mar 21
16 Sep 1758 - JOHN s/o EDWARD & ANN LANGFORD b Sep 16

Quaker Marriage of THOMAS LANGFORD and MARTHA WEST, daughter of Giles
West, on 28 Feb. 1700, "at the home of the aforesaid people" in New Kent
Co. Groom and bride were both from New Kent County. Attending were
Christopher Clark and Elizabeth Clark, Michael Johnson, and Sarah
Johnson, Thomas Stanley, Charles Fleming, Rice Hughes, Robert Hughes,
Sarah Hughes, and Susannah Fleming.

Quaker Records - Hindshaw
12 Feb 1700 - THOMAS LANKFORD at liberty to marry Martha West
28 Feb 1700 - THOMAS LANKFORD, New Kent Co; married at Meeting of
Friends in New Kent Co., Martha West, daughter of Giles West of New Kent
- Black Creek MM
15 May 1710 - THOMAS LANKFORD shown to be a member when his vote was

The first surviving records of the Yearly Meeting of Quakers in Va. is
1702, 7th month :among the representatives: THOMAS LANKFORD

10 Oct 1703 - Quaker Marriage Certificate of Samuel Jordan of Nansemond
County, VA, and Elizabeth Fleming, daughter of Charles Fleming of New
Kent County, VA, married at the home of William Porter, Jr., on 10 OCT
1703. Henrico

16 Oct 1704 - Henrico MM (Quaker) - CORDELIA LANKFORD & Frank Clark
advised by this MM that they must declare intentions of marriage at the
New Kent Particular Meeting, since they are both members there.
20 Nov 1704/5 - Henrico MM - CORDELIA LANKFORD left at liberty to marry
Francis Clark

FRANCIS CLARK & THOMAS LANKFORD'S home / land is in present day
Hanover. The land fell in St. Paul's Parrish when it was created in
1706 and into Hanover when it was created in 1720 from New Kent

Virginia Gazette - 25 Aug 1774
{New Kent} To be sold or lett, 2 lots formerly belonging to Mr. William
Parry in Cumberland Town on the Pamunkey River, there being very good
convenience for a merchant or Tavern Keeper having one large new house
with Brick Chimneys, rooms above and below, plastered and whitewashed,
and a small house with a brick chimney. One strong well fitted store
that said Parry formerly kept, a new kitchen and necessaries house.
Anyone interested may be informed of the price by Mr. Richard
Chamberlayne or the subscriber.
It is a proper place for a merchant it being on navigable water and no
other store within 10 miles.

HANOVER COUNTY, VIRGINIA created 1720 from New Kent. St. Paul's fell
in the new county of Hanover.
In 1865, the court books of Hanover were loaded on a wagon & taken to
Richmond for "safety" during the Civil War & they burned when Richmond
burned. Two deed books fell off the wagon, they are the only ones
remaining from the colonial period. Alas, the same fate befell the
adjoining counties

The Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish of Hanover County, Virginia
1706-1786, transcribed by C.G. Chamberlayne, 1940, reprinted by the
Virginia Book Company 1973. The pages up to the year 1754 are merely a
transcript of an older and long since disappeared which was ordered to
be copied in 1754. There is much missing from the early years & some
data is open to speculation before 1754.. See the notes of Dr.

St. Martin's Parish in Hanover was formed from the western portion of
St. Paul's in 1726.

The first Processioners report of St. Pauls (then in New Kent)-
1708 - #21 land of THOS. LANKFORD, William Pulliam, John Turner, Arthur
Winchester, Benjamin Goodman & Edmund Smith lying adjacent to each
other, William Pulliam & John Turner appointed overseers (Processioners)
who returned every man has processioned in our precinct "excepting the
Land of Mr. Thos Graham's and the orphans of James Turner being objected
by Mr. James Blackwell for not being firmly laid out,

1711 - # 5 - THOMAS LANKFORD appeared in behalf of Charles Fleming.
Mentions line dividing the land of Thomas Graham and James Turner's
orphans, whereon Benjamin Goodman now lives which was not processioned
as James Blackwell grandfather of sd orphans would not suffer it to be
processioned, saying it was not an equal division but agreed by said
Blackwell and Graham that the line should suffice as a dividing line
until the truth was known.

1716 - #5 - - except the line dividing the land which was late Thomas
Grahams now in the possession of THOMAS LANKFORD; from Ja: Turner's
orphans land where Benj. Goodman now lives .. James Blackwell,
grandfather of the Turner orphans, would not suffer it to be
processioned saying it was an unequal division but agreed the said line
should be a dividing line until the truth be known.

****Will of Samuel Jordan of New Kent County Virginia (today Hanover) -
written 2 Oct 1718 & probated 11 Jun 1719 - being weak of body (long
will - 5 children, wife Elizabeth, executors wife Elizabeth, friends
Charles Fleming, John Fleming, Tarlton Woodson & Thomas Pleasants) - "It
is my will that my beloved friend John Fleming have the plantation of
THOMAS LANGFORD, DEC'D & the management of his estate & the bringing up
of his son THOMAS LANGFORD as wholely to himself". [from the lawsuit
Jordan Vs Freeman filed 15 Jun 1767 and judgment given 1788, Louisa
County, Virginia. In this extensive suit, there is no other mention of
any Langford /Lankford]

NOTE - the 1719 procession for #5 which has most of those owners as in
1716 but NO LANGFORDS & they not found in any other precinct..

Processioners reports missing for the year 1723

1727 - LANGFORDS ORPHANS in (precinct number not listed & most of 1727
is missing.) In land with Capt. Cha Hudson, Alex Cock, John Hudson,
Cornelius Dabney, John Wingfield, David Lewis, Wm Harris, Philip Joiner,
John Joiner, William Hill, Cornelius Tinsley, LANGFORD'S ORPHANS. Return
of 7 Feb 1727/8 - nobody appeared for LANGFORD'S ORPHANS.

1731 - precinct #6 - Capt. Cha Hudson, Alex Cock, John Hudson, Cornelius
Dabney, John Wingfield, David Lewis, Wm Harris, Philip Joiner, John
Joiner, William Hill, Cornelius Tinsley, LANGFORD'S ORPHANS. Report for
26 Feb 1731/2 - the line between Wm Bird esq. & Alex Cock cannot be
found, Edward Hundley present for Wm Bird, present Henry Hix for Mr.
Sam'l Welden, Daniel Patrick, William Harris, Jr.. William Ford hath
got ye LANDS OF LANGFORDS ORPHANS. (Note: see Precinct #24, dated - 1
Sep 1739)

NOTE: the Edward Lankford - James Lankford - Sterling Lankford land was
on Stoney Run as was Francis Clark (wife Cordelia Lankford)

*** 05 Jun 1736 - John Ragland granted 2340 acres in Hanover on
branches of Stoney Run in Cattail Br by Bowles Road adj: Francis Clark,
John Pulliam, John Cassey, Richard Winn, John Sutton, Mr. Holland, Mr.
Alvis, Mrs. Mary England, Mr. Matt Anderson, Cornelius Tinsley, John
Hudson, Alexander Cock and John Glen, 400 acres part formerly granted 9
Jul 1724
On the same day he was granted 2,699 acres on Cawthorns run on
Chamberlaynes Cr and Harris Creek in Hanover. Also in Hanover 1,777
acres on both sides of the South Anna adj his own, Capt. Hudson and
Benj. Johnson. John Ragland patented 200 acres Hanover co both sides of
Cuffees Creek adj sd Ragland and John Dowell. 09 Feb 1738

1 Feb 1733/4 - FRANCIS CLARK of St. Margaret's Parish Hanover for a sum
of money paid by Robert Allen of St. Paul's Par do acquit and discharge
Allen make over 193 acres in St. Paul's on the east side of STONY RUN
bounded by an oak on the Edge of afsd Stony Run bounded by edge of STONY
RUN sd Clarks line and William Sneads line. (NOTE: no St, Margaret's in
Hanover - it was in Caroline)

****Will of Francis Clark - Louisa County Book: 2, Page: 75, Dated:
15-Jan-1769, probated 8 Jan 1770
Will of Francis Clark,
Elder. sons: Jos., Thos. Isaac, Francis, Christopher, John.
Daus: Agnes Haley, Sarah Clark, Ursula Clark.
to son Joseph Clark 200 acres whereon I live.
to Isham Haley 100 acres adj. Joseph's .
To daughter. Agnes Haley 100 acres whereon she now lives.
Mentions granddaughter. Cordelia Haley, daughter. of Eliz. Haley.
Land on STONEY RUN in Hanover County. to be sold by my Exors. and money
given to my five sons.
to grandson Francis Clark, son to John Clark 200 acres on head of Cross
Exors: 3 sons, Jos., Thos., and Isaac Clark.
Wit: R. Phillips, Jr, John Haley, Ambros Crew.

5 Aug 1735 - Buckley Kimbrough of St Paul's to William Simson of St.
Peters New Kent..550 acres on the south fork of Falling Creek to a head
of a branch of sd creek near to Jennings old path to Stoney Run.
03 Jul 1735 - JOHN LANGFORD witnessed a deed from John Anderson of
Hanover to his brother Nathaniel Anderson .. land from Mary Anderson
2 Sep 1735 - Daniell Williams to William Gouch both of Hanover = lease
of 180 acres in St. Martin's Parish Wit: THOMAS LANKFORD, David Mills,
Robt. Depriest.

Procession #1 -At a vestry held for St. Paul's October 18, 1735 -
ordered into one precinct for procession the lands of - Widd: Chambers,
John Tinsley, Ambrose Hundley, James Hooper, John Rea, Thos Tinsley,
Paul Haroldson, Edward Lewis, Wm Snead, Chas Bostick, Sarah Bourn, John
Giles, JOHN MEEKS, John Smith, Charity Anderson, Col Bird, Mich'l
Holland, Wm Chambers, Henry Chiles, John Jones, Joseph Gentry. John
Jones and John Rea to see to the processioning. They made the following
return: The order executed in the presence of the persons therein named.
JOHN LANGFORD HAS PART OF JOHN MEEKS land and William Johnson hath Paul
Harroldson's (In 1731 this was precinct 11)

Also in 1735 - Precinct 24 - (this must be adjoining to #1) - lands of
James Skelton, Mrs. Page, Nath'l Anderson, Eliazar Davis, John Burnley,
Barttelot Anderson, John Gardner, Wm Clarke, Wm Snead, JOHN LANGFORD, Wm
Hundley, Mrs. Snelson, Keziah Chambers, Richard Watson, Wm Staples,
Story Hall, Rumballs orphans, Robert McKoy.
Reutrn: given on 27 Mar 1736 - processioned (ALL BUT) THE LAND OF JOHN
LANGFORD the upper lines of Staples, Watson & Chambers which we are
informed are done by other Processioners.

***Virginia Gazette issue of 26 Nov 1736 -
We hear from Hanover county, that on Tuesday next, (being St. Andrew's
Day) some merry disposed gentleman of the said County, design to
celebrate that Festival by setting up divers Prizes to be contended for
the following Manner, (to wit) A neat Hunting Saddle, with a fine
Broad-cloth Housing, fringed and flowered &c to be run for (the Quarter)
by any number of Horses and Mares: A fine Cremona Fiddle to be plaid
for, by any number of Country Fiddlers, (MR. LANGFORD'S SCHOLARS
EXCEPTED). With divers other considerable Prizes, for Dancing, Singing,
Foot-ball play, jumping, wrestling &c particularly a fine paid of silk
stockings to be given to the handsometh Maid upon the Green, to be
judged of by the Company, At Page's Warehouse commonly call'd
Crutchfields in the said county of Hanover, where all persons will find
good entertainment

***Virginia Gazette - Date of publication, 7 Jan 1737, p 4 - Col 1
DIED: On Christmas Eve, died in Hanover County, after a very short
illness, MR. JOHN LANKFORD, a noted and skilled musician. His death is
much lamented by his acquaintances in general whose love and esteem he
had acquired by his facetious good behavior, having left behind a widow
and 6 or 7 children who tis hoped will receive some comfort from the
beneficent hands of those gentleman and ladies whose ears he has often
delighted with his harmony.

In 1739 - Precinct #1 - the return of John Jones & John Rea: We have
processioned the lands of Charity Anderson, Mr. John Smith, Mr. Wm.
Johnston, Wm. Snead, Charles Bostick, Edward Lewis, John Rea, Mr.
Thos Tinsley, John Tinsley, Ambrose Hundley, John Jones, Joseph Gentry,
Adam Jones, James Hooper, William Rea.

Precinct 24 - 1 Sep 1739 - Ordered James Skelton, Mrs. Page, Nath'l
Anderson, Eleazer Davis, John Burnley, Barttelot Anderson, John Gardner,
Wm Clark, Wm Snead, JOHN LANKFORD, Wm Hundley, John Snelson, Kezia
Chambers, Richard Watson, Wm Staples, Story Hall, Rumballs Orphans,
Robert Mckoy.
Return made: The return made: 29 Mar 1740 - All the lands processioned
& report changes - Land that did belong to Nathaniel Anderson is held by
John Snelson, the land of William Snead held by John Lewis, JOHN
that did belong to Richard Watson is held by WILLIAM FORD. (NOTE SEE

St. Paul's Parrish
1743 precinct #24 - Order for James Skelton, Mrs. Page, Widdow Davis,
John Snelson, John Burnley, Barttelot Anderson, John Gardner, William
Clark John Lewis, WIDDOW LANGFORD, William Hundley, Keziah Chambers,
John Henry, Wm Staples, Story Hall, Rumballs Orphans, Robert McKoy,
The return 3 Mar 1743: John Snelson, Wm Clark, William Hundley, John
Lewis, Robt McKoy, Thomas Winn overseer for Mrs. Page, John Gardner,
Story Hall, Elizabeth Davis attending to same. signed Barttelot
Anderson & John Burnley.

All records from 1747 are missing - In 1751 - both #1 & #23 (not 24)
have most of the above landowners but no Lankfords.

Jun 1750 - EDWD LANKFORD wit a deed from Robert Estes, planter to Robert
Craig and James Brown merchants of Hanover. (Louisa Deed)
4 Jan 1749 recorded Feb 1750 - Edward Sims of St. Paul's Parish in
Hanover to Thomas Rice of St Martin's in Hanover - 120 acres in St.
Martin's Louisa .. mouth of Maple branch up the creek to THOMAS
LANKFORD'S corner .. Taits line. Wit: Chas. Mills, EDWARD LANKFORD,
John Hawkins. (Louisa deed)

Land Entry Book 1; directions to county surveyor to lay off land
1750, October 3; WILLIAM LANKFORD of Hanover Co., 400 acres on Piney Run
joining Andrew Duncan. This entry was made 3 December instead of 3
October. (II:380)

1751 - EDWARD LANGFORD shows up for the first time in processing
records, the year of 1751

(1747 is missing) - in #9 - lands of Matt. Pate, Thos Baker, EDW'D
LANGFORD, Sherwood Harris, John Ragland's Orphans, Wm Davis, Henry Hix,
Widdow Sidner, Barbary Winston, John Darracott. All lands processioned
with no changes.

1755 - Precinct #10 -lands of Matthew Pate, Thomas Baker, EDWARD
LANKFORD, William Allen, Sherwood Harris, John Ragland's Orphans,
William Davis, Henry Hix, Robert Sydnor, Fortunatus Sydnor, William
Sydnor. William Grimes, Barbary Winston, John Darracott

1755 - Precinct #11 - EDWARD LANKFORD, Richard Anderson, Julius Webb,
George McClochland, William Johnson, Robert Webb junr, James Harris,
William McKaine (or Mcgilleroy), William Garrett, Nelson Anderson,
William Taylor, & the lands of Michael Holland dec'd.
The return listed the same but the lands of Holland now owned by William
Webb, Daniel Cameron, James Boyd, William Taylor, David Nimmo, George
Taylor, Thomas Wheeler, Richard Proctor & Mary Berry.

1759 - #10 - lands of Matthew Pate, Thomas Baker, EDWARD LANKFORD,
William Allen, Sherwood Harris, John Ragland's Orphans, William Davis,
Henry Hix, Robert Sydnor, Fortunatus Sydnor, William Sydnor. William
Grimes, Barbary Winston, John Darracott.
Return Robert Snyders land now Mrs. Jennings & land of Thomas Baker now
John Kings

1759 - #11 lands of EDWARD LANKFORD, Richard Anderson, Julius Webb,
George McClochland, William Johnson, Robert Webb junr, James Harris,
William McKaine, William Garrett, Nelson Anderson, William Taylor, David
Nimou, George Taylor & the land that was Michael Holland.
Richard Anderson & EDWARD LANKFORD to procession who returned - the
lands of EDWARD LANKFORD, Richard Anderson, George Taylor, William
Taylor, David Nimmo, James McKaine, Julius Webb, George Mcclochland,
Robert Webb now Daniel Grants, William Johnson and part of Nelson
Andersons & the rest could not be done for want of somebody to shew the
lines. Signed: Richard Anderson & Edward Lankford.

25 NOV 1760 - St. Paul's Parish - Hanover Co., Va.
PD TO EDWARD LANKFORD for keeping Jeremiah Blalack's bastard child 37 days
THOMAS LANKFORD keep Lambert and wife the ensuing year for 1090 lb tobacco
24 Nov 1761 - pd THOMAS LANKFORD for keeping Lambert and wife and he was
paid for a pair of shoes for them. Eleanor Stanley to keep them the
next year
24 Nov 1762 - EDWARD LANKFORD to keep Sarah Green and her children
30 Nov 1763 - THOMAS LANKFORD to keep Christian Murphy and Elly
Richardson for the next year
30 Nov 1763 - EDWARD LANKFORD and Cornelius Tinsley to procession
precinct # 11

1763 Hanover Co., Va. tax records - EDWARD LANKFORD - 432 acres. (only
Lankford landowner)

1763 - #10 - Same as above with this the return: EDWARD LANKFORD'S land
processioned except the land between him & George Hudson left for those
who procession that land (George Hudson is in # 21)
#11 - EDWARD LANKFORD, Richard Anderson, Julius Webb, George
Mcclochland, William Johnson, Robert Webb junr. James Harris, William
Mckaine, William Garrett, Nelson Anderson, William Taylor, David Nimmou,
George Taylor, the lands of Michale Holland dec'd. EDWARD LANKFORD &
Cornelius Tinsley to procession. Processioned the lands of EDWARD
LANKFORD, Richard Anderson, Cornelius Tinsley, David Nimou, Major
Taylor, George Taylor, Richard Gillmans, William Webb, Daniel Cameron -
the remainder could not be done for want of someone to show the lines.

24 Nov 1764 - EDWARD LANKFord, constable for removing Elizabeth Lucas 12
To EDWARD LANKFORD for one levy overcharging
THOMAS LANKFORD to keep Eleanor Richardson the ensuing year
19 Nov 1765 - THOMAS LANKFORD to keep Christian Murphy
29 Nov 1766 - THOMAS LANKFORD for keeping Christian Murphy
30 Sep 1767 - THOMAS LANKFORD for keeping Christian Murphy

1767 - Cornelius Tinsley & EDWARD LANKFORD to procession #11 - but no
orders or returns were ever entered.

1771 - #21 - Richard Anderson, William Taylor dec'd Michael Holland
dec'd, Cornelius Tinsley, EDWARD LANKFORD, William Davis, Toliver Davis,
Stephen stone, William Pollard, John Anthony, John Blair esq. dec'd,
John Mansfield, Philip Read, dec'd George Thacker & Echo Thacker.
EDWARD LANKFORD & Cornelius Tinsley to procession. (no return recorded)

**RICHARD LANGFORD b 12 Oct 1772 in Hanover VA, d 12 May 1860 in Macon
AL. He came through Montgomery MD, Hancock, Putnam, Talbot, Harris GA to
Macon AL. He married Amelia Soper 22 May 1801, Prince George, Maryland
d/o Zadock Soper and Ann

1775 - missing

1779 - #26 - Richard Anderson, Wiliam Taylor dec'd, John Norvell,
Cornelius Tinsley, EDWARD LANKFORD, Stephen Stone, William Pollard, Jno
Anthony, Jno Blair esq., John Mansfield, Philip Read dec'd, George
Thacker, Wyatt Stark. Nath. Nuckolds and James Hill to procession (no
return recorded)

10 Feb 1779 - MRS. LANKFORD to continue to look out for the poor of the
parish as she has done heretofore til 12th day of March next when the
poor will be let out to the lowest bidder
12 Mar 1779 - ordered that LUCY LANKFORD be paid 14 pounds for
necessaries furnished the poor and 5 pounds for looking after the poor
one month since the last vestry
29 Oct 1779 - pd LUCY LANKFORD a former acct by order of the vestry

Are these two soldiers the same fellow? (1756 - French & Indian War -
Also known as Seven Years War. French Colonies vs Great Britain.)
(1) - JAMES LANKFORD - in Goochland Co - 20 Sep 1779.. Cert# 853.
Served in the said office of a soldier .. in the 2nd Virginia regiment
of regulars. Val. Wood Clerk of Court. (verso) I JAMES LANKFORD do
hereby assign the within certificate to Benjamin Bowles for six pounds,
20 Sep 1779. (signed) JAMES LANKFORD,
Witnesses: Jos Watkins, John Hughes, Thos. Watkins
(2) - Sworn Jun 1780 - Hanover Co., Va. - certificate # 1155
It having been proved at last February court by William Camp, corporal &
William King private & JAMES LANKFORD Pvt. all testified that they
served together under Capt. Christopher Hudson in the war against the
Indians in 1758. The said LANKFORD now making Oath that he performed
the said Service in
(There were two regiments in the French & Indian war - 1st under Col.
George Washington & 2nd under Col. William Bryd)

Sketch of Henry Clay who was born 12 Apr 1777 in Hanover - young Clay
often rode to LANGFORD'S MILL and while waiting his turn, hitched his
mount to a post oak, a large oak at LANGFORD'S CROSSING, just south of
Ashland in Hanover is believed to be that oak. [LANKFORD MILLS was on
Stoney Run, just south of Ashland, owned by EDWARD AND THEN JAMES LANKFORD]

Virginia Genealogist - Vol 17, pg 288
Virginia Executive Papers (series started Vol 16, #2, 1972) Preserved at
the Va. State Library is an extensive collection of papers of the
Governors of the Commonwealth. These abstracts are of items not
heretofore published.
- 23 Aug 1781 - Letter of Col. John Starke to Governor Thomas Nelson.
The misconduct of ___ Priddey, an ensign in the militia, has caused
EDWARD LANGFORD to be returned a six months regular soldier by not doing
his duty, which did not appear when the Court Martial was held on him,
but he since has got from under the hand of Samuel Bumpass that Pridey
never gave EDWARD LANGFORD notice of the call for men or orders that any
of the men should have notice in his district.
- 13 Aug 1781 - Saml Bumpass states that John Priddy told him "he had
not warnd a man to meet at the Court Martial & said Dam the man (I do)
for they'l hear of it."
- 13 Aug 1781 - Daniel Ritchie certifies he heard "John Priddy Junr.
tell Mr. John England there was no Occasion to warn JAMES & EDWARD
LANKFORD to meet at the Court Martial as he expected he would hear it."
- 21 Aug 1781. Henry Cross certifies he "Never worned EDWARD LANKFORD
to appear at Court Martial, nor never had No orders to worn anybody."

In 1782 EDWARD LANKFORD owned 525 acres in Hanover, St. Paul's Parish.
In 1789 - EDWARD LANKFORD owned 525 acres and transferred 200 acres to
James Lankford leaving Edward with 325 for which he paid tax & James
with 200 for which he paid tax.

10 May 1784 - Richard & Ann Winn to Joseph Cross both of Hanover in St.
Paul's Parish - wit: JAMES LANKFORD
06 Jan 1783 - 5 Aug 1784. Richard Anderson of Bedford Co to Elijah
Priddy of Hanover. 200 a in the fork of STONEY RUN bounded by EDWARD
LANKFORD, Stephen Stone, MANSFIELD & FRANCIS CLARK. Wit: John Priddy
Senr., William Anderson, Bartelot Anderson , Charles Anderson. proved 6
Mar 1783 proved by oath of John Priddy & Charles Anderson. & 5 Aug 1784
proved by Bartlett Anderson
7 Dec 1786 - William England & Elizabeth his wife of Hanover to Richard
Crenshaw of same - 209 acres bounded by lines of William King and John
Southworth, Capt. Cross's line .. JAMES LANKFORD & EDWARD LANKFORD lines
to the road. Signed: William England
5 Jul 1788 - Nancy Hooker, Joseph Hooker & Lucy his wife of Henrico to
Chapman Austin of Hanover - 100 a in St. Paul's Parish Hanover. Wit:
JAMES LANKFORD, Shelton Ragland, John Bowe, Nath'l Bowie, Peter Puryear.
1 Dec 1790 - Joseph Cross Sr of Hanover to Richard Crenshaw of same - 10
sh - 130 acres on west side of Licking Hole Cr. Bounded by sd Crenshaws
tract purchased of William England, JAMES LANKFORD, Catherine England &
George Davis
6 Jan 1791 - Charles Davis, of Hanover, to Waltham Davis 100 a. on
Mechumps creek adj. Chas. Davis to Hix's old road, Pettus Ragland,

Tax Rolls (microfilm)
EDWARD LANKFORD & JAMES LANKFORD were the only landowners in Hanover,
until James' sons STERLING & BENJAMIN enter the tax rolls.
1802 - EDWARD LANKFORD transferred his remaining 245 acres to James Lankford
1802-1812 - in 1813, JAMES LANKFORD had 445 acres adj William Littlepage
and Catherine England.
Continues with 445 acres on Stoney Run, 8 miles SW of the court house,
until it is listed as JAMES LANKFORD ESTATE IN 1824, with a house valued
at $400.00. It was divided to the widow, KEZIAH LANKFORD, & sons
KEZIAH LANKFORD listed as dec'd and the land divided between STERLING,
BENJAMIN, SALLY & FRANCES, BENJAMIN listed as deceased in 1828 & the
land transferred to STERLING, FRANCES & SALLY. Beginning in 1814,
STERLING began purchasing adjoining tracts, from Benjamin Bowles, John
Bowles, John Priddy, William M. Hendrick

1815- STERLING LANKFORD had two tracts... 10 miles SW & the other - 8
miles SW of the court house.

Hanover Co., Va. Personal Property Tax Records - 1782 to 1815 - compiled
by William Ronald Cocke, III
(only Edward and James owned land)
LANKFORD, EDWARD - 1782-1800
LANKFORD, JAMES - 1782-1788; 1800-1803 & one adult; 1805-1807 & two
adults; 1809-1815
LANKFORD, JOHN - 1799- no poll-tax - 1800-1802
LANKFORD, HENRY - 1807-1815

LANKFORD, ZACHARIAH, Free Negro 1784-1789 (also listed as "Mulatto")

War of 1812
STERLING LANKFORD also served in Davis Company, 33(Majo's), VA Militia
1807, Private
Hanover Co., Va. Unit -
BENJAMIN LANGFORD 74 Reg't (Trueheart's) Virginia Militia.
HENRY LANGFORD 74 Reg't (Trueheart's) Virginia Militia.
STERLING LANGFORD 74 Reg't (Trueheart's) Virginia Militia..

Hanover County Va. Records
Hanover County Chancery Wills and Notes By William Ronald Cocke 3rd -
Page 117
- Will of Pettus Ragland of Hanover County Va. Dated Dec. 1, 1806 -
Probated January 28, 1807 - Appointed sons John, William , Fendall
executors. Only John qualified. His securities were Fendall Ragland,
Absolm Ragland, John Bowe, Rueben Martin, and Nathaniel Bowe. Personal
estate included seven slaves and was appraised in 1807 by Shelton
Ragland, STERLING LANKFORD, and JAMES LANKFORD, value 712,12.0 pounds
Survived by his widow Elizabeth and Issue -
Jane wife of Mr. Chick - 2.John Ragland Executer - 3.William Ragland -
4.Evan Ragland - 5.Petus Ragland who was devised a tract of land in
Halifax Co. -6.Sarah Wife of Mr. Rice - 7.Martha Ragland - 8.Elizabeth
Wright dec'd wife of Mr. Wright; she had issue in 1840 three sons
1.William Wright, of Goochland Co. who assigned his interest to John
England, 2. son name not given 3. son name not given - 9. Ann Wife of
Joseph Starke who had issue 1. John P. Starke, a grandson of Pettus
Ragland, assigned his land in 1813 to STERLING LANKFORD witnesses were
John L. England and Samuel Butler - 2. Elizabeth Ann Starke - 3. Wyatt
Starke out of the state 20 years or more and not heard from - 10.
Fendall Ragland died prior to 1840 - Witnesses to this will are
Nathaniel Tinsley - Nathaniel Hanes - A. Ragland - John Nowell - in
this will he leaves daughter Anne Starke One hundred acres to be laid
off of the plantation known as Hixes so as to include the Plantation
during her life. -

1810 census - Hanover
HENRY LANKFORD - 1 male 26-45, = 2 female u 5, 1 26-45
JAMES LANKFORD - 2 males 26-45, 1 over 45 - = 1 female u 10, 1 16-26,
1 26-45, 1 o 45 - 4 slaves

1820 census - Hanover
BENJAMIN LANKFORD - 2 males u 10, 1 26-45, = 2 females u 10, 1 26-45
HENRY LANKFORD - 2 males u 10, 1 26-45, 3 females u 10, 1 10-16, 1 26-45
- 1 slave
JAMES LANKford - 1 over 45 - no females- 6 slaves
KEZIAH LANKFORD - no males, 1 female 10-16, 1 16-26, 1 over 45,
STERLING LANKFORD - males 1 26-45, females 3 under 10 NOTE: his wife,
Maria should be here.

Will of JAMES LANKFORD of Hanover. Dated 22 Dec 1823 and probated 24 Mar
In the name of God, amen. I, JAMES LANKFORD of the county of Hanover,
do make this my last will and testament as follows to witt:
After payment of my just debts and funeral expenses to be done in a
descent manner, I give and bequeath in the following manner:
ITEM: The negroes Lewis, Mariah and Coly, with their increase, I lend to
my DAUGHTER KEZIAH BRYAN, during her life; and after her death, to be
equally divided with her children, and whatever property I have lent
her, I bequeath as before.
ITEM: I give to my SON STERLING LANKFORD, all the land north of the
following line, to wit: Beginning at a large pine in a slash north-east
of my former dwelling-house and running to a dead pine on Stony run.
ITEM: I lend to my DAUGHTERS SALLY AND FANNY LANKFORD, the land south of
the before mentioned line, given my son Sterling Lankford, beginning at
the said large pine on Stony Run; thence down the said run to England's
line; thence east along England's line to a willow oak, in the mouth of
the lane; thence from the said oak to a corner white oak on Eubanks
line; thence along Eubank's line, to a large pine at my son Sterling's
beginning place; and thence along his line to the beginning. And if the
before mentioned daughters Sally and Fanny or either of them, should die
without lawful issue, then and in that case the before mentioned land I
give to my son Sterling Lankford.
ITEM: I give to my SON BENJAMIN LANKFORD, the residue of my land lying
still south of the line from the willow oak in the mouth of said lane,
to the corner white oak before mentioned on Eubank's line.
ITEM: I give to my GRANDDAUGHTER FRANCES E. RAGLAND, one negro boy by
the name of Robert Gilbert.
ITEM: I give to my DAUGHTER SALLY LANKFORD, one negro girl named Grace.
ITEM: I give to my DAUGHTER FANNY, one negro boy by the name of Augustus.
ITEM: I give to my son STERLING LANKFORD, all and every part or particle
of my estate, both real and personal whatsoever, not heretofore named.
The land and personal property heretofore given, is to them and their
heirs forever.
LASTLY. I do hereby appoint my SON STERLING LANKFORD, my executor.
Given under my hand, this 22nd day of December, 1823

John Starke, Parke Tinsley, SAM'L FORD, JR., Wm. "X" Whipple

At a court of monthly session, held for Hanover county at the court
house on Wednesday the 24th of March 1824. The last will and testament
of JAMES LANKFORD was proved by the oaths of John Starke, SAMUEL FORD,
Jun'r, and William Whipple and ordered to be recorded.

A lawsuit styled LANKFORD'S EXOR vs BUCKLEY&C - was appealed to the
Virginia Court of Appeals in Richmond - 20 Nov 1845, final judgment not
entered until 21 Jun 1856.

Hanover Superior Court Records 1827-1838 - Friday June 29, 1827
Upon an appeal from an opinion and order of the County Court of Hanover
admitting to record a writing purporting to be the last will and
testament of KEZIAH LANKFORD, dec'd.
Parties by their attornies, transcript of the record being inspected.
witnesses being sworn. It seems there is an error in the opinion and
order. Same be affirmed and appellee recover against the appellant her
costs. [Margin Note] $13.35 costs fifas. Issued 3 July to Sept. Rules
delivered Laney Jones Jr DS. ret'd satisfied by J. P. White DS

Will of STERLING LANKFORD of Hanover, dated 17 Jan 1829 and probated 27
Feb 1829
In the name of God, Amen. I, STERLING LANKFORD of the county of
Hanover, state of Virginia, being in perfect mind do declare this to be
my last will and testament.
ITEM: Ist. It is my wish and desire that no sale shall take place of any
of my property. It is my wish that my plantation and all my property
shall be kept together for twenty years, and then that all my property
both real and personal, shall be divided amongst my four children, viz:
but should any one of them die without issue, that their part shall
return to the surviving ones, or their issue, as the case may be; but
should it so happen, that all four of them should die without issue,
then the property to return to the Lankford family.
ITEM: 2nd. It is my wish in keeping my plantation and property
together, that it shall be for the benefit of my family, and should any
one or all four of my daughters above named, get married and their
husbands should die before the 20 years, that my plantation and house
shall be their homes. I wish Hector Davis, to as executor to my estate.
As witness my hand and seal, this seventeenth day of January, in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine.
Signed in presence of : Turner Christian, John T. Duke, John "X" Butler

At a court of Quarter session, continued and held for Hanover county at
the courthouse, on Friday, the 27th of February 1829; This last will and
testament of STERLING LANKFORD, deceased, was proved by the oaths of
John T. Duke and John Butler, two of the witnesses thereto and is
ordered to e recorded/

NOTE: The land of Sterling Lankford was still in the courts in 1856 - I
have plats of this land (the southern part of the village of Ashland
(built by the railroads) & about the middle of Hanover, Stoney Run
bisects this land.

Hanover County Chancery Wills and Notes by William Ronald Cocke - 1978
LANKFORD'S EXOR VS LANKFORD'S Exor - ended 1838, filed 1824
JAMES LANKFORD was deceased by 1824, STERLING LANKFORD the executor
KEZIAH LANKFORD was the wife of James who sues by William Littlepage.
(Tax rolls show Keziah Lankford inherited as the widow of James Lankford
& she was dead in 1826)
Another suit mentioned:
Lankford's exor VS Bowe's Exor - filed 1824, ended 1840
Starke &c VS Ragland's Adm &c - filed 1839, ended 1841

Will of Sarah Lankford - dated 31 Aug 1842
Imprimis: I lend to my niece Frances Buckley & her children that she
now has or may hereafter have, during their joint lives, all my property
of every description and at the death of the said Frances Buckley it is
my will and desire that the said property be equally divided between
such of her children as shall be alive.
2ndly - I hereby appoint my friend Hector Davis trustee for the said
Frances Buckley and children and executor of this my will and enjoin on
him to prevent the husband of the said Frances Buckley, from having any
- to do with the said property, as far as possible. Given under my hand
this 31st day of August 1842.
Wit: Hector L. Davis, F. P. Harris, Frances "X" Sherley, William M Thomas.
At a court of quarterly session continued and held for Hanover county,
at the court house on Tuesday the 27th of October 1842: This last will
and testament of Sarah Lankford, dec'd was proved by the oaths of
Frances Sherley and William M. Thomas, witnesses thereto and is ordered
to be recorded.

Will of Nathaniel Lipscombe of Hanover Co., Va. - dated 18 Jan 1847 - I
give to my son Nathaniel C. Lipscombe that part of my Land lying to the
north of the road leading from the Merry Oaks to LANGFORDS in the county
of Hanover and from the Merry Oaks to the Hanover Court House

Langford and Lankford Caroline County Virginia

Contributed by Anne @

Caroline County was formed in 1728 from the Upper Parts of Essex, King
and Queen and King William counties. The only remaining colonial
records remaining (with the exception of a few items) are the court
order books. The book covering the first four years is no longer
extant. The first entry is Court 11 May 1732.

10 Aug 1732 - Robert Beverly as exe of Henry Beverly dec'd agt Nicholas
Lankford. He attached one broad ax to pay the debt.
14 Dec 1732 - George Hoomes Jr agt James Lankford. Jury finds for
defendant. George Hoomes to pay Robert Woolfolk 180 pounds for 6 days
attendance as an evidence for him.
Mar 1733 - James Lankford to pay Saml Chapman 180 pounds for six days
attendance as evidence for him ads Hoomes.

11 Apr 1733 - Debt. Henry Jones agt Nicholas Lankford. Dismissed
10 Jan 1734 - Robert Baber adm of Joseph Andrews agt Nicholas Lankford.
11 Jul 1734 - William Burdett agt Nicholas Lankford. Judgment for pltf
for 300 tob.
08 Nov 1734 - Head Lynch agt Nicholas Lankford, dismissed
10 Jan 1735 - John Waller agt Nicholas Lankford. Pltf to recover 3L
John Waller to pay William Waller 135tob for 1 day attendance & coming
and going 25 miles as evidence.
08 Aug 1735 - Head Lunch agt Nicholas Lankford. Pltf to recover 5.18.7
09 Jul 1736 - Nicholas Lankford was brought before this court by virtue
of a warrant from George Hoomes, to have the benefit of the Act for the
relief of poor prisoners in debt. Nicholas delivered up a schedule of
his estate and was then discharged out of the Sheriff's custody upon the
account of the executions he was put in prison for.
13 Aug 1736 - Debt. Richard Tunstall agt Nicholas Lankford. Thomas
Durrum and James Jones as special bail for the deft.
10 Sep 1736 - Nicholas Lankford confessed judgment to Rich Tunstall for 7.14
10 Sep 1736 - Action of trespass- Nicho. Lankford agt William Burdett.
Deft not appearing and attachment is awarded agst his estate.
15 Jan 1737 - Nicho Lankford agt William Burdett. Judgment granted pltf
unless deft pleads at next court
15 Jan 1737 - Roger Quarles agt Nicholas Lankford. Judgment for pltf for
867 tob.
13 May 1737 - Nicholas Lankford agt William Burdett. Jury finds for
pltf. 5 sterling
10 Jun 1737 - Henry Armistead agt James Lankford. Defendant not
appearing, an attachment awarded for 6.1.5
10 Jun 1737 - Head Lynch agt the estate (property) of Nicholas
Lankford. William Burdett to be summoned to declare what of Nicholas
Lankford he has in his hands,
12 Aug 1737 - Head Lynch agt Nicholas Lankford. Dismissed
12 Aug 1737 - Nicholas Lankford agt William Burdett. Dismissed
09 Sep 1737 - Henry Armistead agt James Lankford. Dismissed
10 Mar 1738 - Nicholas Lankford agt William Burdett. Dismissed
08 Sep 1738 - Nicholas Lankford agt William Burdett. Dismissed. In Chancery
11 Sep 1741 - Robinson agt Nicholas Lankford Junr. Judgment granted for ____
09 Apr 1742 - J. Bowie, merchant agt James Lankford. Deft not appearing
judgment against his estate for 20L
14 May 1742 - J. Bowie agt James Lankford. Sheriff attached 1 broad ax &
1 iron wedge
11 Jun 1742 - J. Bowie agt James Lankford. Sheriff to sell 1 broad ax& 1
iron wedge
11 Feb 1743 - John Camm granted judgment agt Nicholas Lankford & John
08 Apr 1743 - John Camm agt Nicho Lankford & John Chisum. Said Chisum
being dec'd the suit abates.
09 Sep 1743 - Mace Pickett to pay Nicho Lankford & Joseph Herndon for
two days attendance as evidence for him agt Lewis Turner
10 Sep 1743 - Robt Lyon agt Nicho Lankford. Action of trespass. Dismissed.
10 Mar 1744 - Humphrey Bell merchant vs. Nicholas Lankford debt.
13 Jul 1744 - Bell vs. Nicholas Lankford - dismissed
10 Nov 1744 - Nicholas Lankford agt Robert Lyon. Dismissed
11 Jan 1745 - Robt. Lyon agt Benja Lankford. Jury finds for deft.
08 Mar 1745 - Samuel Coleman agt James Lankford. Dismissed
12 Apr 1745 - John Baylor agt Nicholas Lankford Junr - debt. Judgment
for pltf.
14 Dec 1745 - Benj. Lankford agt estate of Philip Herndon. Judgment for pltf
15 Feb 1745 - Suit on attachment. Benja Lankford agt Phillip Herndon.
Sheriff returned that he attached a parcel of corn, parcel of tobacco
hanging, and a parcel of fodder. Edward Herndon & Richard Walden,
garnishees, stated they have belonging to the defendant. 2 iron wedges,
pair of sheep sheers, a ball of shoemakers thread, a candlestick, pair
of cotton cards, pair of nitt needles & a shirt. Property of the
defendant. Sheriff to sell items to pay judgment.
14 Feb 1747 - Matthew Bogle of Glasgow, merchant agt Thomas Lankford.
Judgment granted against him and Wm. Woodford, Gent. His security.
12 Jun 1747 - Bogle, merchant agt Thomas Lankford. Dismissed, being agreed.
08 Jul 1747 - Charles Dick, merchant agt Thomas Lankford. Robt
Taliaferro, the garnishee, failing to appear, a summons to issue agt his
10 Feb 1749 -James Lankford one of several witnesses to the will of
Wiliam Brown, proved the will in court.
11 Mar 1749 - Roger Quarles to pay Nicholas Lankford for 6 days
attendance for him as evidence in his suit against Eliza Anderson, exors
of John Anderson.
10 Mar 1750 - Nicholas Lankford to pay John Robinson for 10 days
attendance as evidence for him at his suit agt Hump'y Bell of London,
11 Jul 1751 - William Johnston &c the exors of Samuel Coleman agt
Benjamin & Jos. Lankford - on a debt from 12 Mar 1750.
11 May 1753 - Nicho Lankford to pay John Robinson for 12 days attendance
as evidence against Bell.
13 Sep 1753 - John Browns deed to Frans Claton. Proved by James Lankford
& Natha Young wit.
26 Nov 1753 - Joseph Lankford produced a certifidate from William
Woodford, Gent. For taking up a runaway negro man belonging to Col. John
Corbin of Essex.
15 Dec 1753 - James Lankford agt Nicho. Horn, dismissed. Debt.
15 Dec 1753 - Humphy Bell, merchant agt Nicholas Lankford. Trespass,
Jury finds for defendant. Nicholas Lankford to pay James Lankford and
John Robinson (each) 75 pounds for 3 days attendance as evidence.
15 Jul 1757 - Nicholas Lankford agt William Brownhill, petition.
Judgment for Lankford.
13 Oct 1757 - Debt. Peter Copland agt Benja Lankford. Defendant
acknowledges the debt. From 10 Mar 1756
09 Mar 1758 - Motion of Nicho. Lankford & James Powell. Ordered Mary
Lyon summoned to next court to give counter security for the
guardianship of the estate of Ann & Sara Lyon, orphans. 11 May 1758 -
Ann & Sarah Lyon chose William Broughill their guardian
11 Aug 1758 - Edmond Taylor agt Benjamin Lankford, debt. William
Broughill undertook for the defendant Benja. That in case he should be
cast in this suit, he should pay the condemnation.
11 May 1759 - Edmund Taylor agt Benjamin Lankford. Debt. Jury finds for
the pltf.
12 Jun 1759 - Dunlop &company agt Benjamin Lankford. Judgment of the
last August court against him and John Lyon his security
10 Jul 1760 - Richd Lankford by Ben: Lankford moved the court to take
testimony of the verbal gift of a slave and it appearing to the court
that the executors of Dixon had legal notice of the motion, its ordered
the same be continued.
11 Sep 1760 - On motion of Richard Lankford by Ben: Lankford to prove a
verbal gift of a negro slave, it appearing to the Court that William
Johnston and Wm. Broughill, executors of the last will of Robert Lyon,
the doner had legal notice of the motion, the depositions of Ambrose
Jones, Ben: Bough, & Nichs. Lankford were taken. The Court are of
opinion the gift is sufficiently proved.
08 Apr 1762 - Robert Lankford agt Samuel Garlick. Dismissed
11 Jun 1762 - James Lankford agt William Brown, debt. Dismissed
11 Jun 1762 - Samuel Jeter agt Mich. Brassfield & Nichs Lankford.
Petition. Granted pltf for 4.11.6
13 Aug 1762 - Dunlop & company agt James Lankford. Debt. Dismissed
09 Mar 1764 - Moza Hurt vs Samuel Norment. Moza to pay John Norment for
6 days attendance; Francis Lankford 125 pounds for 5 days & Thomas
Arthur 50 pounds for two days attendance as evidence against Norment.
12 Apr 1764 - Joseph Lankford appointed guardian to Joseph, Nicholas &
Richard Bridges, orphans of Morgan Bridges.

(NOTE: I could find no reference to the death of Morgan Bridges in the
order Books. On 10 Feb 1763 he appeared in court & stated he had in his
hands one hogshead of tobacco belonging to Michael Brassfield - in the
suit of Henry Pemberton vs Michael Brassfield. See below **)

14 Jun 1764 - John Almond agt Robert Lankford, dismissed.
16 Feb 1765 - Joseph Lankford agt John Bowcock & George Wily. Judgment
for pltf
16 Feb 1765 - Joseph Lankford agt George Wily. Sheriff to sell a Negro
belonging to Wily. to pay the debt
16 Feb 1765 - William Johnston agt Michl. Brassfield and Benja Lankford.
Petition. Continued
15 Mar 1765 - John Gray & Company agt Benjamin Lankford. The pltf to
sell one hilling hoe to pay the debt owed.
15 Jun 1765 - William Johnston agt Michael Brassfield & Benjamin
Lankford. Abates as to Brassfield. Pltf to recover from Lankford.
13 Sep 1765 - Nicholas Lankford agt John Norment. Judgment for Lankford.
10 Jul 1767 - James
14 Jan 1768 - Robert Lyon, exor of Mary Lyon, agt William Bird &
Nicholas Lankford. Petition of debt. Defendants failed to appear, on
motion of pltf by his attorney, judgment is granted pltf for l.3.0
14 Apr 1768 - John Gray &company agt Benjamin Lankford - debt
13 Aug 1768 - Jeremiah Stone exor of William Stone agt James Lankford
Senr. Debt. defendant did not appear and judgment against Lankford and
his security, William Spicer.
12 Jan 1769 - Nicholas Lankford agt William Bird. An attachment in the
hands of Francis Coleman for 385 tobacco
10 Jun 1769 - John Gray & Co agt Benjamin Lankford. Dismissed.
12 Oct 1769 - Ordered Nicholas Lankford, John Smith, Richard Woolfolk &
Robert Woolfolk to appraise the estate of John Lyon.
13 Jul 1770 - Ambrose Jones to pay Nicholas Lankford, 75 tob for
attending court 3 days as evidence for him agt Collins
08 Nov 1770 - Grand Jury presented a long list including James Lankford
for not giving in his list of tithes.

11 Jul 1771 - On motion of William Cradduck Wisdom, he is granted
administration of the estate of Henry Langford deceased. - Ordered John
Sutton, Richard Edmondson, Thomas Berry & Nathaniel Norment to appraise
the estate of Henry Langford deceased.

12 Aug 1771 - John Baylor Pltf against Benjamin Lankford deft. The same
& the same. On attachment. These suits are continued & it is ordered
that Richard Woolfolk, Thomas Jones, John Johnson to settle with the
executors of Mary Lyons their account of administration on their
decedents estate & report to court.
12 Sep 1771 - Estate & Appraisement of Henry Lankford, deceased returned
and ordered to be recorded.
12 Jun 1772 - Richard Johnston, exor of Francis Coleman dec'd. agnst
Nicholas Lankford. Dismissed.
10 Sep 1772 - Spencer Boyd agt Joseph Lankford. Deft failed to appear.
Judgment for pltf.
12 Mar 1773 - Nicholas Bridges against Samuel Curd (or Surl?). Debt.
judgment granted pltf.
15 May 1773 - Diana Lyon against Nicholas Bridges. Debt. dismissed.
15 May 1773 - John McCall & company agt Joseph Lankford. Debt. John
Scandland entered himself as special bail for the defendant.
11 Jun 1773 - Elizabeth Ray (?Peay) agt Joseph Lankford. In Case. Thomas
Jones, special bail for defendant.
12 Aug 1773 - William Cradduck Wisdom account of the estate of Henry
Langford deceased returned and ordered to be recorded.
11 Nov 1773 - Elizabeth Peay agt James Langford. The deposition of John
George of Hanover is to be taken & filed as evidence. Elizabeth Peay
pay John George two hundred hhd tobacco for attending court 3 days &
three times coming & returning 20 miles, as evidence for her.
11 Nov 1773 - Elizabeth Lankford presented for having a bastard child.
12 Nov 1773 - Elizabeth Peay pltf agt James Lankford. William Tyler,
John Minor & Roger Quarles appointed arbitrators in the case.
12 Nov 1773 - James Conduit agt Joseph Lankford & Thomas Lowry.
Defendants failed to appear. Pltf granted judgment for 6 pounds.
12 Nov 1773 - Elizabeth Peay to pay Martha Noden 150 tob for attending
court 6 days as evidence for her against James Lankford.
12 Nov 1773 - Joseph Lumpkin agt John Penn. Debt. Nicholas Lankford
09 Dec 1773 - Elizabeth Peay agt James Lankford. The Arbitrators in the
suit met at Chesterfield (a small Village in Caroline Co) and settled
all the disputes between Elizabeth Peay and James Lankford. Pltf to
recover 5 pounds. Signed: William Tyler & Roger Quarles. Elizabeth Peay
to pay Martha Noden - 50 pounds for two days attendance.
13 Jan 1774 - McCall & Elliott (merchants) agt Joseph Lankford & Thomas
Riddle. Deft. Failed to appear. Judgment for pltf for 37 pounds.
10 Mar 1774 - Mortgage from James Lankford to William Gray & Co.
recorded. Proven by Andrew Leckie & James Carter.
12 Mar 1774 - Henry Lyne, assignee of John Penn pltf agt John Norment &
Joseph Lumpkin. Debt. Nicholas Lankford security for defendants.
11 Jul 1782 - Commonwealth agt Elizabeth Lankford, dismissed
12 Jul 1782 - Francis Smith agt Nicholas Lankford. Dismissed
15 Aug 1783 - Rebecca Riddle agt John Farish, Nicholas Lankford & Joseph
Bridges. Debt. dismissed.
09 Oct 1783 - The last will & testament of James Lankford proved by the
witness and recorded. On motion of William Lankford he was granted
probate. Joseph Campbell, Richard Tyler, John Hampton or James Terrell
to appraise the estate.
13 May 1784 - Inventory and appraisement of James Lankford returned.

11 Jun 1785 - Andrew Leckie agt Benjamin Fletcher and Euclid Lankford.
Debt. Nicholas Lankford his security.
16 May 1787 - John Nunn - agt Edmund Lankford. Debt. Nicholas Lankford

Feb 1795 - Nicholas Lanford - is exempt from paying the county levy.
(because of old age?)

No Langford on the land tax books - 1787-1799.

**Cemeteries of Caroline County, Virginia, Vol 2, compiled by Herbert
Ridgeway Collins.

Bridges - Pollard Family Cemetery
Located on Route 647 or Reedy Mill Road at Ready Mill, originally called
"Broad Plains". In 1853 George T. Burruss purchased " Broad Plains"
from Richard Morgan Bridges, son of Richard Bridges and his 2nd wife
Nancy Johnson - the ¼ acres Bridges Family Cemetery was reserved.

Morgan Bridges (1720-1764) married Mary Lankford, the daughter of
Nicholas Lankford who died in 1743 & his wife Kathryn Guiney (bc 1695)
and they lived at "Elam Hill," near Milford in Caroline Co. They had
issue 3 sons and 1 daughter, Richard, Joseph, Morgan and Frances
Bridges. Richard m 1st Louisa Jones, daughter of Thomas & Sarah
(Woolfolk) Jones. Richard's 2nd wife was Nancy Johnson, widow of Samuel
Norment (see Norments above)

GRAVESTONE: Richard Bridges, son of Morgan Bridges and Mary Lankford,
died April 3, 1826

Hope this helps someone,

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Edward Davis family of Kershaw County South Carolina


Typed here as it appears in transcription at the South Carolina Archive
Names are in bold; slave names are in italics. This was done due to the lack of proper spelling and capitalization.

Kershaw County Wills, Volume 1 1770-1841, page 3 Roll 14, SC-Ar-M/9-14 AD 536

South Carolina
Craven County
St. Marks Parish
May 14, 1770

Edward Davis
Lying very week & Low in helth but in his proper Sences agres that this Shall be his Last will & Testament----
first I bequeath & Leve all your Land & Leving to my wife Nelley Deuring her wider /// hood & if She marres to be David as I Shall mention if not to her Deurering her Life after her Desese I bequith &give to my Daughter wenerfor draden the Land & premisses whare on I now Live to her & her heirs for Ever to enjoy the S.d premisses at her mothers marry or Desese all So the bed & furniture that the S.d Wennefer lys on allso my Desire is that my Daughter have the first Child that arron one of my wenchis bars that Should Live the Space of one year & a Day

William Canty attr. the next two lines look like they have had a line drawn through them.

after her mothers Desese or marrey I bequith & give to my Son henson a negro Cald george after his mother Desease or marrey.
I bequith & give to my Son Rozure any one hundred acres of Land Situate on the south Side of Little Linches Creek. Allso the second Child that arron one of my wenchis brings that Lives a yeare & a Day.
I bequith & give to my Son maSon one negro boy Cald frank after his mothers deces allSo I be quith & give to my Daughter Ester one Negro wench Cald Sara after her mother Decese & give to my Daughter Rache.1 one Negro gal Cald Sue to her & her heirs for Ever after her mothers Deses.

[Undeciferable line here:] --- to be Eqully -- -- my
Children after my Wife Decese
Allso I make & ordain her my Sd Wife to be Executrix of this my will in trust for the intent & purposes in this my will ----Struck out line---- & I mak my friend Joseph michael venson of this my will to take care & see that the Same performed acording --- & memory
in witness wherof I the d.s Edward Davis have to this my Last will & Testament Set my hand & Seal the Day & years above Ritten Sind & Deliver'd by the s.d E.d Davis as & for this Last will & Testament in the preseces of us Who ws presence at the Signing & ---- of
N. S. Robinson his
Patrick McKain Edward x Davis (SEAL)
Jacob Heley mark

Wenefer x Davis at the allreng of this above will.

Not Recorded
Sworn Oct. 16, 1786
J.P. I. Alexander
Apt. 19 Pkg. 634