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(written Sept. 24, 1803 - Franklin Co., NC)

To wife Charity during her widowhood all lands and plantations, all the negroes, all the livestock, all the household furniture, all the plantation utensils. After the remarriage or death then:
To son Micheal ELEY 400 acres, including where he now lives, adjoining Brittain HARRIS and Samuel WILLIAMS, and the 4 negroes Rachel, Misey, Charles, Permelia;

to son Benjamin ELEY 200 acres adjoining Micheal ELEY, HILLSMAN, JACKSON, and 1 negro man Will already in his possession;

to daughter Joanna LANKFORD 1 negro woman Jenny, 1 bay mare named Diamond already in her possession, and lend to her 74 acres including the house Elisha LANKFORD now lives in, the drinking spring, and bounding on Counsel JONES line, and after the death this to go to grandson J. Eley LANKFORD;

lend to daughter Priscilla BONDS 1 negro girl Rose, and after Priscilla's death she and increase to be divided among granddaughter Betsey BONDS and all the younger children of daughter PRISCILLA, and lend to her 1 negro boy Elisha, and after her death he to go to grandson John Eley BONDS, and to Priscilla the 21 dollars owed by Wright BONDS;

to daughter Betsey ELEY 1 negro girl Hannah, 1 feather bed and furniture, 1 chest of drawers, 1 small chest;

to daughter Charity ELEY 1 negro girl Hester, 1 feather bed and furniture, 1 filly called Pleasant;

to daughter Patience Norflet ELEY 1 negro girl Phoebe, 1 feather bed and furniture;

to daughter Mourning Denby ELEY 1 negro girl Fillis, 1 feather bed and furniture;

to son Josiah John ELEY the plantation "whereon I now live" with all residue of land not already given away (600 acres), 1 negro girl Chaney, 1 feather bed and furniture, all kitchen furniture and plantation utensils, 1 horse, 1 yoke of oxen, 2 cows and calves, sows and pigs, 2 ewes and lambs, all the geese, turkeys, and other poultry.

The negroes Dick, Joe, Jeffrey, Liddia, Fillis, Gilley lent to wife Charity shall after her death or remarriage by divided among Michael ELEY, Benjamin ELEY, Betsey ELEY, Charity ELEY, Josiah John ELEY, Patience Norflet ELEY, Mourning D. ELEY.

Executors: Friends William LANCASTER, George TUNSTALL and if needed sons Michael ELEY, Benjamin ELEY.

Photocopy of microfilmed Will is in my files now and film is in library of Dallas Public Library

Tree Mother

"She is insane, of course. The family history has become a mania for her." Hercule Poirot

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Creel Obituaries



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Nita Montague Prestwood died April 4, 2011. She was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on May 23, 1923 and was the youngest daughter of William Edward Montague and Mollie Creel Montague. She is survived by her three daughters: Diane Norman of Bryan, Texas, Dawn Prestwood of Spring, Texas and Dale Prestwood Toth of Buda, Texas. She also has four grandchildren: Paul Prestwood(along with his wonderful fianc?e Rachel McFarlin,Tyler Prestwood; Mike Norman and Maegen Norman. A private memorial service will be held at a later day.


Published in Houston Chronicle from April 6 to April 7, 2011

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California Obituaries

29 December 2011

California Obituaries

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Weed resident Estil Elmore Langford passed away at Mercy Medical Center in Redding on Dec. 20, 2011. He was 87.
Estil was born on Jan. 2, 1924 in Puxico, Mo., and moved to Siskiyou County 52 years ago from Bakersfield, Calif. He worked as a truck driver for local logging firms.
Estil is survived by his wife of 71 years, Tulamae Langford; sons Roy Langford of Roseville, Calif.; and Gary Langford of Dorris; daughter Estella McBride of Weed; nine grandchildren; and numerous great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. He was predeceased by two brothers, Hubert and Willis, and a sister, Frances Looney.
Services will be held on Thursday, Dec. 29 at 1 p.m. at Winema Cemetery in Weed. Your condolences are welcome at

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Charles County Maryland

Charles County Maryland Probate Records, Inventories. Book 1717-1735
For Probate Records from 1653 -1753 see LDS microfilm #137400/3375/04

Page 56: Vincent LANGFORD dec'd. 27 November 1718

Dickson County Tennessee

Dickson County Tennessee Marriages, 1817-1856 by Sherry J. Kilgore (1987)
Pub. & Dist. by Byron Sistler & Associates,Inc.
1712 Natchez Trace
PO Box 120934
Nashville, TN 37212
Phone: 615-297-3085

LANGFORD, Mary to James LANGFORD 22 June 1852 (24 June 1852)
LANKFORD, Harriett to John T. Lampley 12 September 1843 (14 Sept. 1843)
LANKFORD, Jamima to Joseph Parker 22 September 1845 (24 Sept.1845)
LANKFORD, Lurana to John Castleman 28 April 1843 (30 April 1843)
LANKFORD, Sarah to Gladden Tidwell 9 December 1835
LANKFORD, Sarah C. to Jonathan Adcock 15 January 1851

Ware County Georgia

Indian War Troups of 1838
The South Georgia Historical and Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 1, July 1922, No. 3, pp. 11-12.
From the Muster Roll of Capt. Nathaniel J. Holton's Company, mustered in 9 June 1838 serving until 19 August 1838. Called out by Col.Thomas Hillard to repel Indian invasion of Ware County.

Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

Greenville, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana History submitted by Linda Franklin Green to genweb pages for Lincoln Parish. She wrote "Several years ago Mrs. R.H.Griffin showed this to me and retyped it for her. She used to write an article for the Ruston Daily Leader many years ago about the Greenville Community."

Greenville History
The first two teachers in Greenville in 1907 were Misses Betty and Emma LANGFORD. Twelve grades were taught.Miss Betty was the principal. She taught the higher grades. Miss Emma taught the lower grades. They had to walk several miles to their boarding place, Will Franklin's home near Mineral Springs. There were no roads, on a foot path through the woods. These women asked Mr. J.W. Green to build an extra room across the hall on his house. He got busy and built it. There the teachers boarded for many years.

Rockingham County North Carolina

Rockingham County Deed Books
Deed Book A:70
7 April 1786. William Plumber to Speedwell Congregation, one acre for 5 shillings being part of
520 acres granted to William Plumber on South side of Piney Creek adj. Peter Perkins.
Witnesses: John Stewart, William LANGFORD, and George Lemond.

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South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Summer 1996, p. 167,
Pendleton District Deed Book F. , page 409.
Thomas Harrison to my son Benjamin Harrison, a negro man called Williston, a negro girl Hannah after my decease and that of my wife Caty, and then to descend to William LANGFORD son of Hetty Langford, also the house propertyand stock that I have given to Benjamin Harrison. Dated 14 January 1802. Thomas Harrison seal. Wit: J.D. Terrell, Richard Shipp.
My Note: Hetty is often the nickname for Esther and Hester.

South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume XII, Number 2, Spring, 1984
Abstracts of Newberry County Will Book A, page 382
At a court held for Newberry county, 29 Feb. 1796, will of John LANGFORD, dec'd. recorded.
William Langford and Winnefred Langford executors, qualified. John Langford of the state of South Carolina, Newberry County: 1. to son, William, 1 featherbed,a horse, a cow and calf, half tract of land I now live on, being on west side of Buffalo Creek; 2. to son Jacob, 1 featherbed,a horse, a cow and calf, same tract of land lying on east side of the creek, the creek being the dividing line; . 3. to daughter Anne 1 featherbed, a mare, a cow and calf, tract of 200 acres joining back line of my other tract and Carter's line; 4. to grandson Asa Langford 1 shilling stg.; 5. to wife all rest of my goods; 6. wife and son William executors.

South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume XII, Number 1, Winter, 1984
Abstracts of Lexington District Wills
Will of Asa LANGFORD of the District of Lexington to my son Stanmore Langford, my Sorrel filly, two cows and calves,my best bed, bedstead and furniture, my writing desk, my rifle gun and cupboard, also 200 acres whereon I now live, the dividing line to commence on Saluda River to bind on lands whereon John Earlge now lives, and on lands held by Miss Temperance Hays, Mrs. Elizabeth Lewey, and my son William Langford lands; to my three children Almena Haltiwanger, Susannah Dreher and William Langford and my stepson Julius Smith, one third of my estate; the remaining two thirds I desire to be divided into eight equal shares and distributed as follows: one eighth to my son John Langford, to my son James Langford, to my son Stanmore Langford, to my son William Langford, to my daughter Almena Haltiwanger, to my daughter Susannah Dreher, one eighth to my grandchildren John Roberts & Mary Ann Corley, and the remaining eighth to the children or lawful issue of my daughter Anna Snelgrove. My sons John Langford and Stanmore Langford, executors. --1845.

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Anson County North Carolina

Papers of Colony of North Carolina 1735 - 1764, Vol. 1, part 2, page 321
Arthur Dobb, Royal Governor

William Lankford, 5 December 1760, 200 acres in Anson County on the Northeast side of Pee Dee River, joining James Mackilroy, Solomons Creek, both sides of the Middle Fork of the said creek and both sides of the Watery Branch of said Creek.

Granville County North Carolina

Kinfolk of Granville County North Carolina 1765-1826
Zae H. Gwynn

Deed Book Q, page 284
Henry Lawrence, William Lawrence, John Lawrence, James Lawrence, Parrish Langford and BenjaminHayes, assignes for Josiah Hayes deedto Robert Jones. 11 February 1799.

Northampton County North Carolina

Miscellaneous Land Office Papers Granville District of North Carolina 1748-1763
Vol. 5, Margaret Hoffmann

#5295 - John Robinson, gentleman, plat dated 27 November 1762, 171 acres in Northampton County joining Roanoke River,Oconeeche Swamp, and Mirey Branch (a point)
near Green's Spring, Charles Noden, and other old lines. SCC: Thomas Langford, John Drewery,; J. Edwards Surveyor.
SCC=Sworn Chain Carrier

Rowan County North Carolina

Miscellaneous Land Office Papers Granville District of North Carolina 1748-1764.
Vol. 3, Margaret Hoffman

#4516 Benjamin Deason, 12 November 1756, 93 acres in Rowan County, Parish of St. Luke's on Creek joining Tates corner, the mouth of a branch on South side of Dan River on Tates corner, the various courses of the said river.
/S/ mark, Wit: W.Churton, Griffeth Rutherford; Surveyed 1 March 1754; SCC Beverly Watkins, James Langford; W.Churton Surveyor.
SCC=Sworn Chain Carrier.

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Northampton County, North Carolina

Act to Emancipate, 1852
An Act to emancipate James Langford, a slave.

Be it enacted by the General assembly of the State of North Carolina, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, that James Langford, the property of Jordan Bead, of the county of Northampton, be and he is hereby, with the consent of said owner emancipated and set free, by the name of James Langford, shall hereafter possess and exercise all the rights and privileges which are enjoyed by other free persons of color in this State: Provided, nevertheless that before the said slave shall be emancipated, he shall give bond and good security in the sum of five hundred dollars, payable to the State of North Carolina, conditioned that the said James Langford shall honestly and correctly demean himself, and shall not become a parish charge, which bond shall be approved by the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Northampton County and be deposited in the office of said Court, which bond may be sued upon to the use of the parish, or any person injured by the misconduct of said slave: And provided further, That if the said James Langford shall at any time hereafter remove from the said County of Northaampton, and remain out of said County for the space of thirty days, he shall forfeit his freedom.

Read three times and ratified in General Assembly, this 22nd day of December,
1852 A.D. Guy Potts

Citation: North Carolina Archives
Public and Private Laws of North Carolina
Chapter CLXXXII, Page 667

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Lincoln County, North Carolina

State of North Carolina, Lincoln County, Superior Court of Law,
October Term, 1819.
Delilah Langford vs.George Langford - Petition for Divorce and Allimony.
It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that George Langford,
the Defendant, is not an inhabitant of this state:
It is therefore ordered by Court, that publication be made three months
in the Raleigh Star and Raleigh Register, giving notice to the Defendant
that he appear the next Superior Court of Law to be held for Lincoln
County, at the Court House in Lincolntown, on the 4th Monday after of the
4th Monday in March next, then and there to plead, answer or demur the
said petition otherwise it will be taken pro confesso and adjudged accordingly.
Witness, Leon Henderson, Clerk of the Court, at Lincolntown, on the 4th Monday after the 4th Monday of Sept A.D. 1819, and the [?] year of the Independence of the
United States. LEON HENDERSON.
Citation: Raleigh Star, 11-19-1819, Page 3

1810 Lincoln County North Carolina Federal Census, Roll 40, Page 407
Delilah Langford, 3 males under 10; 1 female 26 to 44.

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Indigent Confederate Families in Texas
Texas State Library Home Page Archives & Manuscripts -
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
*Archives & Manuscripts > Confederate Indigent
Families Lists *

Confederate Indigent Families Index
Surnames H - L


*Please be aware that only an index of names appears at this site. *
Linda Mearse has transcribed the records on file in the State Archives
in her book, /Confederate Indigent Families Lists of *Texas* 1863-1865./
In order to help preserve the original records, please request the
Mearse transcription through interlibrary loan. Please contact your
local library for further details.

Name *County*

Lankferd , Wm Tarrant
Lankford , E Wood
Lankford , J W Mclennan
Lankford , James Mclennan
Lankford , John Houston
Lankford , K Wood
Lankford , Thomas Lamar
Lankford , Wm Wood
Lankford , Wm Upshur
Lankford , Mrs Dallas
Lankford , Mrs Elisha Fannin
Lankford , Mrs Elisha Fannin
Lankford , Mrs S Rusk


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WILLIAM CLAYTON b Dec 8, 1632 Chichester, Sussex, England; d 1689
Chester Count Pennsylvania; m Prudence LANKFORD/LANGFORD; sailed to America on the
"Kent", which left London and arrived in New York Aug 1677; William was
a carpenter by trade and had recently joined the Quaker faith when he
emigrated. He was selected to act as a commissioner (with several others)
for William Penn, and went to the settlement at Burlington, New Jersey to
clear any Indian titles to land that Penn had acquired. In 1681 William
moved his family to Chester County, Pennsylvania. QUAKER (Reynolds/Otwell family)

PRUDENCE LANKFORD or LANGFORD born about 1631 St Michael's, Cornhill, London,
Middlesex Co England; died 1691 Chester County, Pennsylvania;
married WILLIAM CLAYTON; lived Sussex County, England before emigrating
to America. She was the daughter of William Lankford, who died Jan 1, 1665 Rumbleswicke, Sussex County, England
and Eliza Reading. Family possibly related to
Edward Lankford
who emigrated to Virginia? see Bruton section below QUAKER (Reynolds/Otwell family)

about 1615 England; died about1640 King and Queen Co VA; unsure if he
himself was Quaker, but his son Thomas Lankford/Langford Sr b abt 1640 died 1719 Nansemond Co VA married
Elizabeth Jordan, whose parents
Thomas Jordan II and Margaret Brasseur were QUAKER. Thomas Lankford Sr was known to attend the Chuckatuck
Monthly Meeting in Nansemond Co VA. In 1702 he attended the Virginia yearly
Quaker meeting. Some of Thomas Lankford's children became Quakers, but most later descendants were not. See Virginia Families page for descendancy. (Bruton family)

John Lankford of Viginia and Iowa

Biographical and Historical Record of Wayne and Appanoose Counties, Iowa
Chicago: Inter-State Pub. Co., 1886.


Unless noted, biographies were submitted by Polly Eckles.

JOHN LANKFORD, undertaker and
furniture dealer, Centerville, Iowa, was born in Indianapolis, Indiana,
March 27, 1827, a son of Robert and
Sarah (Street) Lankford
, the former a native of Virginia, and
the latter of Kentucky, both of English ancestry. When eighteen years
of age he began working at the carpenter's trade, and served an
apprenticeship of three years. In May, 1850, he came to Iowa and lived
at Ottumwa six months, thence removing to Centerville, where he worked
at this trade until 1865, when he became established in his present
business. Mr. Lankford is a member of the Masonic fraternity, lodge,
chapter and commandery, and also of the lodge and encampment of the
Odd Fellows order. He is in politics a Republican. He was married in
September, 1852, to Nancy J. Henderson,
of Centerville. They have eight children: William, Sarah (wife of W. G. Clark), Heber H., Beatrice, Grace, Carl, Roy and Leona.

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Rev. Philip Andrew Lankford Descendants

I have copied the following material from the work of David DeClue. I hope he will not mind but I feel it is important to publish his work on this site and hopefully preserve it for the future researchers. Tree Mother

John Anderson Lankford(1874-1946)

John Anderson Lankford has the distinction of being the first African-American architect in the United States with an established architectural office. He was also an attorney, blacksmith, real estate broker, professor, and author.

John Anderson Lankford was born on December 4, 1874, on his parents’ farm in Potosi, Missouri, one of eleven children of former slaves Philip Anderson Lankford and Nancy Ella Johnson Lankford. Mr. Lankford’s paternal grandfather was Rev. Philip Andrew Lankford (b. 1813, Caucasian) ; his paternal line can be traced back to the 1600s in France and to 1645 in Albemarle County, Virginia. Of John Anderson Lankford’s ten full siblings and three half-siblings, the lines of descent for six may never be known since some were slaves born prior to the end of the Civil War.

After attending public schools in Potosi, Lankford worked in Crystal City, Missouri, in a plate glass factory. Following this, from 1889 to 1896, he attended Lincoln Institute (now Lincoln University) in Jefferson City, Missouri. It is reported that in order to get enough money to travel from Crystal City to Jefferson City, he met a porter who took him to St. Louis and on to Jefferson City, where he took classes and worked as a janitor to earn money for his books. He also worked at the Plymouth Rock Pants Company in order to earn money for his clothes and at a steam laundry in order to get his laundry cleaned.

Lankford was invited by Booker T. Washington (via letters sent to numerous promising African-Americans of the day) to attend Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. First, between his time at Lincoln and Tuskegee, he worked in a blacksmith shop in St. Louis. To pay his board at Tuskegee, where he took chemistry and physics classes between 1896 and 1898, Lankford not only worked in the foundry and steam fitting department, but also as in amateur photographer.

Mr. Lankford received a B.S. from Shaw University in Raleigh, N.C. (1898), where he later taught (1900-02). Here he met his wife, Charlotte Josephine Turner Upshaw (1876-1973), who was the granddaughter of the famous religious leader and political activist Bishop Henry McNeal Turner (1834-1915). Following his time at Shaw, Lankford received several Masters Degrees, a law degree, and, later in life, numerous honorary degrees.

Professor Lankford came to Washington, D.C. in July 1902 with a commission in hand to design and supervise the construction of a new hall for the Grand United Order of the True Reformers. True Reformers Hall was a stately, five-story brick building notable for its arched, 18-foot windows and ornamental frieze. The building was considered remarkable because it was financed, designed, and built entirely by African-Americans.

(Right): True Reformers Building, 1200 “U” Street N.W., Washington, D.C. The newly renovated 1903 structure, now a state-of-art office complex and home to the Public Welfare Foundation, contains a modern, two-story auditorium appropriately called, The John Anderson Lankford Auditorium. The building housed stores as well as the offices of physicians, lawyers, and newspaper bureaus. In addition, the building served as the headquarters for the First Separate Battalion, Washington's black national guard unit, and a dance hall where Duke Ellington played his first gig for 75 cents.

(Left): The First Presbyterian Church of Potosi, Missouri (1909), which is still in active use almost 100 years later. Lankford designed and constructed numerous churches still standing today throughout the United States and as far away as Capetown, South Africa, but it is evident that he had a great fondness for this, his first church design. In his 1916 book, Lankford said, “This edifice is an English Gothic, classical structure, solid stone; the plans were procured by us, by winning a competitive context against ten white architects whose offices were located in different sections of the United States. The committee for the church awarded us for our architectural services first prize. Cost of the church thirty-five thousand dollars; committee and entire congregation are white.” (Photo credit: Esther Carroll)

During John Anderson Lankford’s lifetime, he served on numerous professional and civic organizations. In his later years, he helped establish the School of Architecture at Howard University, and during WWII, he was the supervising architect at the Washington Naval Yard. John Anderson Lankford passed away July 2, 1946.

The preceding biographical sketch was excerpted from the work of David Marshall-Rutledge de Clue, a distant cousin of John Anderson Lankford’s. Mr. de Clue has spent over 25 years researching the African-American Lankford and DeClue lines, which include many notable figures such as architect Clinton Stevens Harris (1900-1992), television pioneer Korla Pandit (John Redd) (1921-1998), and space shuttle Columbia astronaut Michael Anderson (1959-2003). Questions and comments may be directed to Mr. de Clue at

PB Lankford

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Jeremiah Aloysius Wallace Obit

Jeremiah Aloysius Wallace - 20 May 1936 - 26 December 2008
Waukegan, Lake Co., Illinos
Son of Jeremiah A. Wallace, Sr. and Sophie Tonin.
Grandson of Johan Tonin and Leopoldina Rostan.
Survived by aunt: Mary Tonin Langford.
Survived by cousins: Linda Wegrzyn, Thomas Tonin, Barbara Tonin Albert,
Poldi J. Tonin, Michael Langford, Lynne Hoseck
Survived by nephews and nieces: Wade and Dale Stanphill and Mary Frances and Linda Stanphill


Obit published in Suburban Herald (edited)
Jerry A. Wallace
Jerry A. Wallace of Waukegan Visitation for Jerry A. Wallace, 72,
will be from 10 a.m. until the Mass of Christian Burial at 11 a.m.
Wednesday, Jan. 7, [2009] at Our Lady of Humility Church, 10655 W. Wadsworth
Road, Beach Park. Jerry was born May 20, 1936, in Waukegan, and
passed away Friday, Dec. 26, 2008, at the V.A. Medical Center in
North Chicago. Jerry remained a lifelong Lake County resident. He was
a veteran of the Marine Corps and a former employee of Nordic
Properties in Gurnee. Jerry was a man of great charity and humility,
and was a member of Our Lady of Humility Church in Beach Park.
Surviving are his wife, Katherine [Beck Wallace] of Waukegan; three children,
Eric Wallace of Waukegan, Michael Wallace of Winthrop Harbor and
Helen Sophie Wallace of Arlington, Texas; two brothers, Richard B. Wallace
(Deirdre Fennessy) of Chicago and [Lawrence]Larry Ellsworth, [Jr.] of
Dundas, Minn.; and many other relatives, including a large contingent living in Dubuque,Iowa. He was preceded in death by a young brother [Clarence Magden, Jr.]; and his sister, Anita [Magden Stanphill Taylor].
Memorials made to the church in Jerry's memory would be appreciated.
Arrangements were made by Burnett-Dane Funeral Home,
Libertyville, 847-362-3009.

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MARYLAND Langfords

Family, Kindship and Community
Page 215
"How many women found themselves in the position of Joane Langford, who sued George Harris of Charles County [Maryland] in 1668 'for begetting a Bastard Child on her Body and for Nonperformance of his promise to Marry her'."
Horn, James, Adapting to a New World: English Society in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, University of North Carolina Press, 1994)

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Nacogdoches County Texas
1826 Tax List
source: 1820-1820 Texas Tax List Index

Residence: East side of Hutchins between Cliff, 4th, Oak Cliff
Dallas, Texas
1891, 1892, 1893, 1894
source: Dallas Texas Directory, 1889-1894

Residence: 117 Dexter Avenue
Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Teamster
1891, 1892

Residence: G. R. Langford
Occupation: Teamster
1891, 1892
source: Dallas Texas Directory, 189-1894

Location: 1216 Main Street, Business of E. W. Aldrich
Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Medical student
1889, 1890

Location 1: Office over 318 Elm Street
Location 2: Boards with Mrs. A. E. Bartram
Occupation: Electic physician
1891, 1892

Location 1: Office over 349 Main Street
Location 2: Boards with Mrs. A. E. Bartram
Occupation: Physician
1893, 1894
source: Dallas, Texas Directory 1889-1894

San Augustine; 7th July 1835
Alfred Langford is a native of Virginia, a man of family of three persons, emigrated in June 1835
R. C. McDaniel, C.P.O.
Nacogdoches Aug. 15th 1835
Mr. Surveyor Sir: You are to survey in Zavala's Grant the sitio which Mr. Alfred Langford will designate
Jorge Anto Nixon, Comr.

San Augustine August 19, 1835
Garret M. Lankford a native of Tennessee is a man of family of eight persons, emigrated in 1829.
Saml Thompson Alcd.

San Augustine Sept. 23d, 1834
Mrs. Mary Lankford a native of Virginia is a widow woman of a family of three persons.
Benjamin Lindsey Alcd.

source: Character Certificates of the General Land Office of Texas

Friday June 1936 Merrill H. Langford Dies In Dallas Mon.
Funeral services were conducted Wednesday at 1 p.m. from the Guardian Funeral Chapel in Dallas, for Merrill H. Langford, 23, who died Monday in a Dallas hospital with a throat infection. The services were conducted by Rev. D. A. Bryant. Burial was in Restland Cemetery.
He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Estella Langford, Dallas; one brother, Jack of Detroit, Mich.; one sister, Miss Sara Nell Langford, Dallas. Pall bearers were Sam Baty, Fred Grimes, Pete Case Jr., William H. Grice, J. G. Gentry and V. J. O’Connor.
Merrill Langford lived in Arlington with his mother and family until three years ago when they moved to Dallas. The family has many friends here who will be grieved to hear of his death. He was ill only three days, suffering with tonsolitas which developed the infection of the throat. Several members of the Arlington Baptist Church attended the funeral services.


1890 Union Soldiers in Texas

Langford Nimrod P. Pvt Mo Tarrant 100 L521

Langford William A. Williamson 102 L521

Lankford Alexander B. Delta 99 L521

Lankford George R. Pvt F 49 KY Inf Dallas 100 L521

Lankford William Pvt Thomas Reg La Inf Harris 99 L521


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Lankford land deeds in Wood County Texas

Antoine Calderon Land Grant - Lankford family

Business and Other Papers of Dr. J. S, Paschal

Abstracted where appropriate.

Deed, Kaufman County, Texas, 15 April 1881. I, Augusta R. Hoskins joined by my husband B. B. Hoskins . . . for the hereinafter consideration, paid by J. M. Lankford of Wood County, . . . sell . . Thirty acres of land more or less being a part of the Antoine Calderon 1476 acre grant . . in Wood County. . .One promisory note signed by J. M. Lankford & his wife Elizabeth Lankford . . the sum of seventy five dollars

Handwritted Deed of Conveyance:

The State of Texas, County of Wood
. . . I, Condy Raquet of Nacognoches County and Town of said state acting through my Attorney in face, William L. Alexander of said Wood County and for a consideration of Four Hundred dollars . . by James M Langford . . have sold to James J. Langford . . one hundred and sixty acres of land a part of an original survey of one third League listed in the name Antonio Calderon . . being thus bounded: Beginning on the South Boundary line of said 1/3 League and 230 varas west of the south east corner of said 1/3 league, where is a stake from which a Hickory bears S 86 W. 3-6/10 and a Red Oak brs N61 w. 5 vs. Thence north 746 vs to a corner from which a Red Oak brs S19 W. 7 vrs and a Red Oak brs S 72 E 15 vrs. Thence west 1210-8/10 to a corner from which a Black Jack, bears East 1 vara and a Red Oak brs N 16 W 1-2/10 vs. Thence south, 746 varas to said south boundary line a corner from which a Red Oak brs N 47 W 12 varas and a Red Oak brs S 62 W 5 vs. Thence east 1210-8/10 vs to the beginning.
This Deed is made in satisfaction of and in compliance with the terms of a Lith (?) Bond executed by me . . on the 19th November A.D. 1866. Witnesses: John F. Baxter, A. Fitzgerald.

Handwritten Deed of Conveyance:

The State of Texas, County of Wood.
. . . I James Warren . . . for and in consideration of the sum of Four Hundred Dollars to me in hand paid by Mrs. Laura A. Jinnings . . do sell . . a certain tract or parcel of One Hundred and Sixty of Lands. Situated lying and being on Indian Creek in said Wood County. About ten miles North East from the town of Quitman the same being a part of the Juan Bantista Chirino League and Labor and Beginning on the South boundary line of a tract heretofore sold & deeded to the said Warren by Barnett and Arnold the same point being the North East corner of Charles Williams Survey of Three hundred and fifty acres taken from the aforesaid League & Labor. thence running South 1440 Varas the South East Corner of the said Charles Williams Survey. Thence East 634 Varas a stake from which a post Oak 6 in. dia. brs North 21degrees E 7 Varas. Also a red Oak 12 in dia brs N 21 degrees West 10 Varas. Thence North passing the South West corner of Thomas Brownings 160 acre Survey 1440 Varas the south East corner of the said tract before mentioned conveyed to me by Barnett & Arnold and on the West boundary line of Brownings 160 acre tract thence West 634 Varas the beginning. . . Witness my hand Scroll seal this December 19 AD 1868. Signed James Warren. Attest: Henry Grogan, Abraham Sudderth.
Recorded in Wood County Clerk's Office at 1 o'clock PM December 19 AD 1868 in Book Y (?) on pages 198 & 199 of Records of Deeds. Signed A. Fitzgerald Clerk Co Ct Wood Co.
Attached is a Certificate of Record: I, M. D. Lankford, Clerk of the County Court . . . recorded in my office, on the 10th day of December 1879 at 11 1/4 AM in Record Book "C", pag 134 & 135. M. D. Lankford by J. T. Craddock, Deputy.

17 Jan 1898. Note. I promise to pay to W. A. Jinkins or bearer four bales of lint cotton weighing 500 lbs each to class middling . . in part payment for . . . 40-1/2 acres of land . . .
28 Jan 1898. Note. I promise to pay to W. M. Messimer or bearer . . Seventy Two and 80/100 dollars. . . In order tp secure the prompt payment of this note I place one vendor's land note which calls for four bales of lint cotton, etc . . .the above note is given for cash advanced on said . . land note . . .In case this note is paid in full at maturity . . land note shall be delivered to J. S. Paschal. Signed J. S. Paschal.
Note. 18 Nov 1898. I promose to pay to E. W. Gilbert . . . One Hundred Ten and no/100 Dollars . . at Winnsboro, Texas . . in part payment for . . land situated in Wood County. . the day conveyed to J. S. Paschal by E. W. Gilbert and wife Marcy Gilbert. . . Signed J. S. Paschal. [Pencil note on back indicates note paid in full Oct 4, 1900.]

Warranty Deed. 1 Feb 1899. C. C. Roberts to B. A. Browning. County of Kaufman. I, C. C. Roberts . . . in consideration of . . one Hundred forty eight and 75/100 Dollars . . sell . .a part of the J. B. Chireno L&L survey in Wood Co., Texas . . a tract of 25 acres sold to J. R. Wilmouth by Anna W. Roberts Dec 22nd 1891 . . .
Nov 24th, 1899. I promise to pay C. C. Roberts . . One hundred and Ninety Six and 15/100 dollars . . . at Beaumont, Texas. This note is given in part payment for . . land . . in Wood County, Texas and being 148-7/10 acres off the J. B. Cherino Survey . . Signed J. S. Paschal. [A payment record on this note indicates that Paschal paid $30 in cash plus a note for $60 and two notes for $196.15 each. Total $482.30. All are indicated as paid.]

Nov 24th, 1900. I promise to pay . . B. A. Browning . . One hundred dollars. This note is given in part payment . . . for 42-1/2 acres of land out of the J. B. Cherino League and Labor . . deeded to me by B. A. Browning and wife. His X Mark. [Cannot make out name.] Attest: J. D. Richardson.
Winnsboro, Texas Aug 10th 1901. I promise to pay L. M. Jennings or bearer the sum of Two Hundred dollars with interest . . at 10 percent . . at Winnsboro, Texas. This note is given in part payment for . . land situated in Wood County as about 7 miles south of Winnsboro and about 10 miles north east of Quitman, being a part of the Juan Bautiste Chirena League and Labor. . . This day conveyed to J. T. Bellomy by L. M. Jennings. [Marked PAID.]
Winnsboro, Texas 10/12, 1901. Received from J. S. Paschal Fifty and 00/100 Dollars on Land. Signed R. P. Horan.
20 Aug 1902. We, F. M Crone and M. E. Crone . . in consideration of one dollar paid by L. J. Bradley and wife and J. F. Nabors and wife . . .sold . .. all that . . land . . on the J. B. Cherino Survey beginning at W. T. Mitchell's S. E. corner. Thence north950 varas corner. Thence east 201 varas to corner. Thence south 950 varas to corner, Thence west 201 varas to the place of beginning containing 60 acres more or less. Notarized by J. D. Richardson, JP. Filed for record 30 May 1912, Deed records Volume 26, page 620. Jonathan Russell, Conty Clerk.

Oct 1st, 1902. I promise to pay to J. F. Nabors . . One hundred dollars . . at Stout. This note is given in part payment for . . land . .on the J. B. Cherino survey 1/2 interest in 60 acres. Conveyed to J. F. Nabors and wife. Signed L. J. Bradley. [Two identical notes, one payable Nov 1, 1903, the other payable Nov 1, 1904]

Warranty Deed 9 Nov 1904. E. K. Crone and wife Mary A. Crone and V. M. Crone to W. T. Mitchell . . in the County of Wood . .on the J. B. Cherino survey . . 60 acres of land
Warranty Deed W. T. Mitchel & R. H. Mitchel wife of W. T. Mitchel to N. H. Short 23 Sep 1905. . . secured by notes . .[same description as Warranty Deed 1 July 1907, Short to Pascal]

Winnsboro 9-23, 1905. I promise to pay W. T. Mitchell . . two hundred dollars, with interest . . at Winnsboro . . This note is given in part payment for . . land . . 60 acres in the J. B. Cherino survey. Being the same land conveyed to N. H. Short by W. T. Mitchell and wife.
Winnsboro 9-23, 1905. I promise to pay Homer Mitchel . . $150.00 . . with interest . . at Winsboro (sic) . . in part payment for .. land . . Wood State of Tex being 60 acres on the J. B. Cherina Survey . . . this day conveyed to N. H. Short by W. T. Mitchell . . .
Stout, Tex 28 Sep 1905. . . I promise to pay L. J. Bradley . . One Hundred Dollars . . at Winnsboro . . part payment for . . 60 acres of the J. B. Cherino survey . . the same land this day conveyed to H. C. Meek by L. J. Bradley & wife . . .
Warranty Deed 1 July 1907. N. H. Short & M. B. Short wife . .of the County of Rains . . for. . Six Hundred Dollars . . paid and to be paid by J. S. Pascal as follows: Three hundred in cash . . and two vendors lien notes . . . one note dated July 1906 and payable October 1, 1907 . . . payable to Luther Mitchel for the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars. One note dated July 1907 . . . to Homer Nitchel for the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars.
Track of land,. . in Wood County, Texas on the J. B. Chireno survey . . . beginning 390-1/2 Vrs W of the S. W. corner of a survey made for Wm. Moore, now owned by Mrs. Knight . . . Filed in Wood County 30 May 1912, Book 26, pg 619-20.
Warranty Deed 5 July 1907. Homer Mitchell to Dr. J. S. Paschal. I, Homer Mitchell of the County of Wood . . for One Hundred and Fifty Dollars . . . paid by J. S. Paschal . . sell . . tract of land . . J. B. Chireno survey . .60 acres of land . . . all of my undivided 1/4 interest in . . . land.
Warranty Deed 28 Sep 1907. E. A. Pinson to J. S. Paschal. I, E. A. Pinson wife Lillie Pinson of the County of Wood . . for . . One Hundred and Fifty Dollars . . paid by J. S. Paschal . . sell . . land . . about ten miles east from the town of Quitman . . a part of the J. B. Chireno survey . . beginning at the SW corner of a tract of 25 acres, sold to J. T. Wilmoth by Ann R. Roberts . . and on the east line of the Taylor, Lundon 70 acre tract. . . .containing 42-1/2 acres of land.
Warranty Deed 14 December 1907. Luther Mitchell to J. S. Paschal. I, Luther Mitchell of the County of Hunt . . for . . One Hundred and Fifty Dollars . . . paid by J. S. Paschal . . sell . . tract of land . . J. B. Chireno survey . . 60 acres of land . . . all of my undivided 1/4 interest in . . . land.
Merrimac, Tex, 1908. On Nov 9th, 1909 . . . we promise to pay J. S. Paschal . . Two hundred fifty dollars at Stout Wood County Texas. G. W. Echols, M. A.Echols
30 March 1908. Real Estate Deed of Trust Coupon Note. I promise to pay . . . Austin Fire Insurance Company . . . Fifty Dollars in gold coin . . .Signed J. P. Baker.
Deed of Trust, 4 Jan 1909. State of Oklahoma, County of McCurtain.
I, M. A. Echols joined by my husband G. W. Echols, of Lukfata in the County of McCurtain and State of Oklahoma for and in consideration of . . one dollar .. paid by J. P. Harris of Wood County, in the State of Texas, Trustee, . . sell . . all my undivided one half interest in and to 212-1/2 acres of land of the Elijah Elledge Survey in Wood County, Texas, on the waters of Stouts Creek about 12 miles N. of E. from the town of Quitman, and being the old homestead of Mrs. Joe Ashberry deceased, and for description of land . . original patent to heirs of Elijah Elledge dated December 1st 1876 contining 320 acres of land, and recorded in Vol B on pages 66 and 67 in the Deed Records of Wood County, Texas, less 107-1/2 acres sold off the south west corner of said original 320 acre tract and being 107-1/2 acres west of Dry Creek. . . . If the said M. A. Echols and G. W. Echols shall well and truly pay off . . . their promissory note . . . to the order ot J. S. Paschal . . . in the sum of $250.00, payable at Stout . . . and due November 1st, 1909, . . . then this conveyance shall become null and void. Notarized by J. N. Davis on 4 Jan 1909.
Winnsboro, TX July 28th, 1910. On letterhead of Harris, Suiter & Britton, Attorneys at Law: Received of Dr. J. S. Paschall the sum of $20.00 in full settlement of all claims and demands for rents due on the J. M. Lankford Sr. old place and being the land this day conveyed by W. H. Neill and wife to said Dr. J. S. Paschall and wife, for all years whatsoever . . . Signed W. H. Niell and Eliza Niell.
Warranty Deed 28 Jul 1910. W. H. Neill et ux to Dr. J. S. Paschal. We, W. H. Neill and his wife Mrs. Eliza Neill, the said Mrs. Eliza Neill being a daughter and heir at law of the late J. M. Lankford Sr. deceased, of the County of Wood . . . for . . Two Hundred and no/100 Dollars . . sell . . Dr. J. S. Paschall . . all of our entire interest as heirs at law of J. M. Lankford deceased . . . 160 acres out of the Antonio Calderon survey . . . also 35 acres of land part of the J. M. Servantes survey . . . also 30 acres of land . . of the Antonio Calderon survey . . .
Dallas, Texas March 16th, 1911. On letterhead of Law Offices of The Bonners. To Dr. J. S. Paschall, Winnsboro, Texas Route #6, in re #1261 J. P. Baker. We received the money to pay the interest due March 1st 1911 . . . have credited the installment note with $10.00 . . .
25 March 1912. Crop and Chattel Mortage. Reno Fry to J. S. Paschal. To secure my indebtedness to J. S. Paschal of Stout, Texas, . . . Two Hundred and Sisty Dollars . . my promissory note . . payable to J. S. Paschal . . I do . . . hypothecate and convey in trust unto the said J. S. Paschal the following described property . . . : 60 acres cotton, One acre robbon cane, and 300 cords wood . . . delivered to J. S. Paschal in the town of Stout . . .
Paris, Texas May 6, 1912. . . promise to pay to . . Paris Grocer Company at . . Paris, Lamar County, Texas, Four hundred fifty eight and 85/100 dollars. Signed J. S. Paschal
Dallas, Texas May 21, 1912. On letterhead of The Bonner Loan & Investment Co. To Jr. J. S. Pascal. . . receipt of . . interest due March 1, 1912 . . credited the installment note with $10.00 . . .
Warranty Deed: H. C. Meek & wife to L. Bradley & wife. Filed 30 May 1912.
H. C. Meek and wife M. E. Meek . . for the sum of Seven Hundred and Thirty Dollars . . sold to . . L. J. Bradley and wife E. A. Bradley . . all that parcel of land . . in the County of Wood State of Texas about 13 miles NE from the town of Quitman and being Sixty acres of the J. B. Cherina Survey . . containing 60 acres more or less.
G. W. Houston JP Jon Russell, Clerk of the County Court
16 May 1912. On the 1 day of Oct 1912, for value received, the undersigned promise to pay to H. L. Crosby, or order, at Winnsboro, Texas,the sum of Sixteen and no/100 dollars, with interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum . . . This note is given to secure part of the purchase money of Mdse . . . to further secure this Note I hereby convey to said H. L. Crosby, the following described property: 1 Bal lint cotton on J. A. Paschal farm near Stout Wood Co., Texas.
Signed D. B. Paschal. Witness Tip R. Anderson, P. O. Winnsboro R6.
Release of Vendor's Lien: Paris Gnd Company to Dr. J. S. Paschal
State of Texas, County of Lamar. By Deed dated June 14th, 1912 recorded in the County Clerk's office of Wood County, Texas, in Book I page 5-6 J. S. Paschal conveyed to J. R. Shelton, Trustee certain real estate . . in the County of Wood . . being the 1st and 2nd tracts, all that certain tract or parcel of land situated in Wood County Texas, a part of the J. B. Chireno survey, the two tracts herein conveyed containing 120 acres . . . Vendor's Lien securing payment of Four Hundred Fifty-eight 85/100 dollars.
R. H. Russell, Notary Public, Lamar Co., Texas
Real Estate Deed of Trust Coupon Note, Dated 24 Dec 1913, at R6, Winnsboro, TX.
. . . pay to the order of The Bonner Loan & Investment Company, at the office of said Company, in the City of Dallas, in Dallas, County, Texas, the principal sum of Two Hundred dollars, in gold coin of the United States . . . with interest thereon from the date hereof at the rate of 8 per cent . . .
Release of Judgment Lien. 11 March 1914. Whereas on the 4th day of Feby, 1913, Plaintiff, Moore Grocery Company, recovered judgment against J. S. Paschal in the District Court of Smith County, Texas for the sum of $1461.56 and $6.35 costs of suit . . . and whereas Moore Grocery Company transferred said judgment and the lien created thereby together with a deed of trust lien securing said amount, to W. D. Suiter, and the said W. D. Suiter being now desirous of releasing the Judgment lien butof retaining the lien created by the deed of trust . . .
Deed of Trust J. S. Paschal to T. P. Barry, Trustee, Benefit of Sanger Brothers. Filed 16 March 1914. Jon Russell, County Clerk, in volume I pg 647-9: I, J. S. Paschall of Stout . . . sell unto T. P. Barry, Trustee . . all that certain tract or parcel of land . .on the J. B. Chireno Survey . . containing 76 acres, bounded on the north by a tract of 100 acres belonging to Mrs. Sallie Elledge, . . on the west by . . land owned by Thos Bellomy - on the south . . owned by John Cox and J. S. Paschal - on the east by F. M. Crone home tract, this tract being on Indian Creek and being the same land owned by Winston Johnson and bought by him from W. J. Richards . . . which deed was burned in the house of F. M. Crone at the time said house was destroyed by fire.
Whereas, on March 30th, 1908 J. P. Baker and wife, Carrie Baker, executed to Geo. W. Jalonick, Trustee, a deed of trust on 247-1/2 acres of land a part of the Jose Maria Servantes 1/2 league survey, situated about 1-1/2 miles west from Merrimack in Wood County, Texas, and being fully described . . in Vol "F" on page 192 of the deed of trust records of Wood County . . securing three notes, being two for $50 each and one for $500, payable to the Austin Fire Insurance Company; and
Whereas, the two notes for $50 each were paid and the $500 note was transferred and assigned by the Austin Fire Insurance Company to Sanger Brothers: and
Whereas said land became the property of J. S. Paschal and on January 20, 1913, J. S. Paschal executed a deed of trust to T. P. Barry, Trustee, on said 247-1/2 acres . . securing three notes for $617.73 payable to Sanger Brothers . . :
Whereas the Bonner Loan and Investment Company has paid Sanger Brothers $2325.50 in full settlement of all of the above described notes . . .
. . . Sanger Brothers, a partnership firm, by Alex Sanger . . hereby release the 147-1/2 acres of land from the lien . . .
Signed 14 March 1914 Alex Sanger. Recorded 23 March 1914 in Volume 35 on pages 359-360. Jonathan Russell, Clerk County Court, Wood County, Texas.
Deed of Trust 3 Feb 1915. J. S. Paschal to W. D. Suiter, Trustee,Benefit of Sam Paschal. I, J. S. Paschal . . sell . . W. D. Suiter, Trustee . . 269-6/10 acres of the J. B. Chireno survey . . . being the same land this day conveyed to Alf Morris trustee for the benefit of W. D. Suiter this deed of trust being a second lien and subject to the one given for the benefit of the said W. D. Wuiter, reference herein is made to the deed of trust given Moore Gro. Co. . . said J. S. Paschal shall well and truly pay . . . one promissory note made by J. S. Paschal payable to the order of Sam Paschal . . . for the sum of fifteen Hundred ninety seven and no/100 dated Dec 18th 1914, due Nov 1st 1915, payable at Winnsboro, Texas . . .
Winnsboro, Texas June 3rd, 1917. . . promise to pay to the order of Sam Paschal at Winnsboro Texas, One Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Six & 40/100 dollars . . . This note is secured by 2nd mortgage on 296-6/10 acres of land, a part of the J. B. Chireno Survey in Wood County, Texas. Signed J. S. Paschal.
Woodmen of the World Clerk's Official Receipt. 1 Apr 1917. received of D. B. Paschal. Camp No. 1083.
In County Court, Wood County, Texas, January Term A.D. 1921.
Winnsboro Grain and Grocery Company vs. J. S. Paschal. No. 1873.
On this the 5th day of January A.D. 1921 . . . the defendant although duly cited . . appeared not, but wholly made default . . . the plaintiff is entitled to recover herein the sum of $143.17. . . . plaintiff . . do have and recover of and from the defendant J. S. Paschal the sum of $743.17, with interest from date of filing . . together with all costs of suit. Recorded in Vol "G" page No. 317, Court Minutes. [No explanation for amount difference.]
Oil and Gas Lease 15 April 1927. . . between J. S. Paschal and wife . . lessor . . and Ross Petroleum Corporation . . lessee . . for . . One and no/100 Dollars, . . leese for . . mining and operating for oil and gas . . land situated in the county of Wood. First Tract: Being 40 acres out of the J. B. Chireno Survey . . Beginning at the N. W. corner of a 40 acre tract owned by I. W. Browning . . . tract owned by Maggie N. Andrews . . . Being 40 acres out of the J. G. Chireno survey . .beginning at the S. W. corner of a tract of 25 acres sold to J. T. Whitworth by Anna W. Roberts December 22nd 1891 and on the east line of the Taylor London 70 acre tract . . .
Citation in Delinquent Tax Suit: The State of Texas vs. J. S. Paschall, et al. . . . Summon J. S. Paschall, W. M. Paschall and Maud L. Paschall . . . to District Court of Wood County . . in the City of Quitman on the 2nd Monday in Oct A.D. 1927 . . . The State of Texas is plaintiff and J. S. Paschall, W. M. Paschall, Maud (crossed out and Mount written) L. Paschall and The "Federal Land Bank of Houston are Defendant . . . against the sum of One hundred Forty Four and 69/100 Dollars for State and County taxes, due plaintiff for the years 1923 and 1924. Being Block No. ___ of the Antonio Calderon Survey of land . . . containing 190 acres of land. Signed V. B. Shaw, Clerk District Court, Wood County, Texas.
Civil Bill of Cost in District Court issued 19 June 1930. D. C. Paschal vs. B. W. Nelson. Total $24.27.
May 26, 1931. Letter from The Federal Land Bank of Houston to Mr. W. M. Paschal, Route #6, Winnsboro. Re: Loan #31090. We have received notice dated May 22nd from Texas Plat Book and Map Company, Quitman, Texas, advising us that they are planning to file a tax suit against you for . . the 1926 taxes which are delinquent in the amount of $15.73. On December 19, 1930 Secretary-Treasurer reported that the 1926 and 1927 taxes were paid. . . If your 1926 taxes are paid . . . furnish us with evidence . . .. Signed A. C. Hargis, Assistant Treasurer.
Oct 16, 1931. Letter to W. M. Paschal, Winnsboro Rte 6. Re: Your Loan No. 31090.
I am instructed by our Board of Directors to write you and request that you appear at my office on Thurs Oct 22, 1931 and pay, or arrange to pay, the amount shown to be delinquent on your loan, or assessed against your land for taxes. Winnsboro National Farm Loan Ass'n, by O. B. Nickers, Secretary-Treasurer.
On letterhead of St. George Hotel, Dallas. March 2, 1932. Received from Clayton B. Prenir (?) and H. J. B__ington Ten Dollars ($10.00) for advance expenses to Oklahoma City as witness in Federal Court Case. Signed Dr. J. S. Paschal
Texas State Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Standard Certificate of Death.
County of Wood, City of Winnsboro.
Full Name of Deceased: Infant of Liddie Wisbrook. Male, White, Single.
Date of Birth March 13, 1932. Date of death 3/18/1932 Age 6 days.
Informant O. O. Wallis, Winnsboro Tex R#3.
Place of Burial: Mount Zion. Undertaker R. H. McCrary Co., Winnsboro, Tex.
8 July 1933. Offer to enter into cotton option-benefit or benefit contracts.
Joe Paschal, Rt 6, Winnsboro, Texas operates a farm 6 S from Winnsboro on Stout Road in Wood County. I have planted cotton . . on 18 acres. In 1932 I harvested no cotton. I estimate that . . . I may reasonably expect to harvest 150 pounds of lint cotton per acre . . in the fall of 1933. . . . I offer to the Secretary of Agriculture on behalf of the United States 7 acres of cotton . . . I elect to take a cash payment of $11.00 per acre, making a total of $77.00 for the 7 acres . . . [A sketch of the farm is attached, mostly unreadable. Total size of farm was107 acres, with 50 acres in cultivated crops.]
23 Mar 1936. Winnsboro Grain and Grocery Co. Sold to Dr. Paschall: 6 Sx meal at $.38; 2 Sx yellow corn at $1.50; 1 Crt Country Gent at $.92.

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Andrej Benedejcic

My Cousin through Tonin family.


Mr. Andrej Benedejcic assumed the duties of the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Moscow on March 14, 2005. He presented his Letters of Credence to the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin on April 20 and, by non-resident accreditation, to the President of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan Mr. Ovezgeldy Atayev on June 27, to the President of the Republic of Belarus Mr. Alexander Lukashenko on July 29, to the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Kurmanbek Bakiyev on August 30, to the State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Oralbay Abdykarimov on September 30 and to the President of the Tajik Republic Mr. Emomali Rakhmon on October 25, 2005, as well as to the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mr. Vladimir Norov on December 18, 2007. He is a career member of the Slovenian diplomatic corps.

Mr. Benedejcic studied at Harvard University, where he graduated in 1996 in Economics. During his university years he witnessed the Slovenian Ten-Day War of Independence and later served in the Territorial Defense of Slovenia, in an infantry battalion. He received his secondary school education at the Cairo American College in Egypt and his elementary instruction at the Russian Primary School of the Embassy of USSR in Beijing, China.

Mr. Benedejcic joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia in 1996 as an analyst in the Research and Planning Department, where he followed Slovenian relations with the United States and NATO. He was also appointed the Secretary of the Slovenian Diplomatic Academy.

In 1997 he was posted to the Embassy of Slovenia in Moscow, where he worked in the Consular Section.

Later in the year, following the election of Slovenia to the Security Council for the period 1998-1999, he joined the Permanent Mission of Slovenia to the United Nations in New York. His portfolio included issues of Sub-Saharan Africa and the UN economic sanctions. At the beginning of 1999 he was named an Alternate Representative of Slovenia to the Security Council.

Mr. Benedejcic returned to Ljubljana in 2000 and became the Assistant to the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry. Later in the year he was posted to the Slovenian Embassy in Washington, DC, where he worked in the Political Section.

At the beginning of 2001 he joined the Office of the Prime Minister of Slovenia as Adviser on International Relations in the rank of State Undersecretary. His portfolio included NATO accession and cooperation with the Russian Federation. He served as a member of the Organizational Committee for the preparation of the Bush-Putin Summit in Slovenia in June 2001. He also took an active part in the preparation of the first official visit of the Slovenian Prime Minister to the Russian Federation in September 2002.

At the end of 2002 he joined the Office of the President of Slovenia as Foreign Policy Adviser to the President. In this capacity he participated in the establishment of the Forum for Slavic Cultures in Ljubljana. He also supervised the organization of several conferences devoted to East-West relations, with a special emphasis on the role of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

In June 2004 he was appointed the Deputy Head of the Permanent Mission of Slovenia to the OSCE in Vienna. As the representative of the incoming Slovenian OSCE Chairmanship he took an active part in the 2nd Annual Security Review Conference, as well as in the visit of the OSCE delegation to Georgia in September 2004 and in the regional meeting of the OSCE Heads of Missions in Almaty in November 2004.

Mr. Benedejcic was born on 21 November 1970 in Ljubljana. He is a member of the Olimpija Fencing Club and the Harvard Club of Russia. He is married and has a daughter.
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Book: CC, Page: 406, Grantor: John R. Hopkins, Grantee: William D. and Manoah L. Langford, Date: 30-Mar-1853
Deed 30 Mar 1853 John R. Hopkins of Louisa atty for Elizabeth D. and Mary E. Gooding of Marion Co., Ohio to William D. and Manoah L. Langford of Louisa $1,083.45; parcel of land bequeath to Elizabeth and Mary Gooding by Paul Wayate, Dec., cont 155 acres adjoining Caroline M. Langford and others Sig. John r. Hopkins Rec. 6 Jun 1853

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Sorry I do not have the citation for these two marriages. When located again these entries will be updated.

Philip Parker and Mary A. Lankford before 1840 King & Queen County, Virginia

Anderson Wright and Elizabeth Langford, 1794, Mechlenburg County, Virginia

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Robert L. Langford Obituary

Robert L. Langford

Hawthorne - Robert L. Langford, age 56 of Hawthorne, Fl. died peacefully surrounded by family and friends on Tuesday November 27, 2007.

A long time resident of Alachua County, Mr. Langford is a graduate of Newberry High School and U.S. Navy retired. He is also a member of the American Legion Post 91, Trenton, Fl., Disabled Veteran's of America (Life Member) and Fleet Reserve Assoc. Post 25 in St. Augustine, Fl.

Mr. Langford is survived by his Partner, Kirk A. Vorhees of Hawthorne, two daughters, Kimberly L. Langford (Eric Walters) of Gainesville and Erica Carroll (Guy) of Naples. He leaves a loving mother, Mrs. Shirley Bass of High Springs, a brother, James R. Langford (Tory) of Archer, a sister-in-Christ, Mrs. Melissa Taylor (Billy) of Archer, a sister, Mrs. Shirlene E. Harvey (Jimmy) of High Springs, nephews Jimmy D. Harvey, Jr. (Alicia), Richard L. Harvey (Sam), James A. Langford (Tonya), nieces Renee McKenzie and Jennifer Caldwell (Mike), 4 great nephews and 2 great nieces, along with a host of loving friends and worldwide life time acquaintances. Those who precede him in death are Mr. Langford's twin brother, Michael Langford, his father, Virgil 0. Langford, step fathers Lawrence F. Brewer and Tommy Lee Bass.

Funeral services will be held Friday November 30, 2007 at 11:00 am at Milam Funeral Home Chapel. Interment will follow at Bronson Cemetery in Bronson, Fl. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the American Legion Jamerson-Sheffield Post 91 P.0. Box 559 Trenton, Fl.

Arrangements are under the care of MILAM FUNERAL AND CREMATION SERVICES 311 S. Main Street Gainesville, Fl. 32601 (352) 376-5361.
Published in the Gainesville Sun from 11/29/2007 - 12/1/2007.

Note: Robert was a participant in the Langford DNA Project and matched several members who will miss him and his kindness and love of family genealogy.

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South Carolina Revolutionary War Documents

Major Warley to Gen. Marion
[Horry MS.]

Camp Congaree, August 11, 1782.

Dear General:

I take the liberty of enclosing you the names of near 500 soldiers, belonging to the 3d regiment, most of whom were absent at the time Charlestown surrendered to the enemy. Many of them are entitled to their discharges; but the greater part are deserters, and I hope will be apprehended and made to serve their times over, at least. A few have already been taken up and tried by a court martial in camp, and sentenced to serve in the South Carolina line two days for every absent one. Whether this kind of punishment is right or not, I am at a loss to know; however, the men seem satisfied with it. I heartily wish this list may enable you to strengthen our line, which is still very weak, as you will see by the annexed return of the detachment under my command. I propose making out a few copies now, in order to send to Gens. Henderson and Pickens, and to some of the militia Colonels. Corporal Gambell unfortunately, a few days ago, killed one of the recruits from Georgetown, by the name of Charles Smith. He was soon after committed to Orangeburgh jail by a magistrate of this district. I have not heard what success the officers recruiting have had lately. Lieuts. Martin and Langford wrote Gen. Huger, about a fortnight ago, that they then had enlisted eight men for the South Carolina line, four of whom are in camp, the rest on furlough. Capts. T. Warley and Levercher have, also, sent from Georgetown nine recruits, and two other soldiers.I am, with the greatest respect, dear General,

Your most obedient humble servant,


(From Documentary History of the American Revolution, by Gibbes, Volume 2, p. 206)

Doc ID: Gibbes, v. 2, p. 206
Date: 8/11/1782

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Benjamin Lankford of Pittsylvania County Virginia

Dated 22 September 1767
Pittsylvania County, VA, Deed Book 1, pages 54-55

This Indenture made the Twenty Second day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven Between Benjamin Lankford and Winifred his Wife of the County of Pittsylvania of the one part and James Clements of the County aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Benjamin Lankford and Winifred his Wife for and in Consideration of the sum of Thirty pounds Current Money of Virginia to them in hand Paid by the said James Clements the Receipt whereof they the said Benjamin Lankford and Winifred his Wife do hereby acknowledge and themselves therewith fully Satisfied Contented and paid have Given granted Bargained and sold and by these Presents do ive grant bargain Sell deliver and Confirm to him the said James Clement and to his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns forever One Certain Tract or parcell of Land Containing One hundred and thirty six acres lying on Potters Creek in Pittsylvania County and Bounded as Followeth to Witt, Beginning at Pointers in Braidings line thence along his line south Seventy six degrees East thirty six poles to a white Oak North Twelve degrees East Forty eight poles crossing the creek to a red Oak thence new lines North Eighty degrees East nine poles to a white Oak thence North Twenty five and a half degrees East one hundred and eight Poles to a white Oak thence South Sixty seven degrees East two hundred poles Crossing the Creek to a White Oak North Thirty two degrees West forty eight poles to a pine thence North thirteen degrees East thirty Six Poles crossing two Branches to the Beginning Together with all houses out houses orchards Gardens Woods and Underwoods Water and Watercourses and all other appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining To have and to hold the said Land and Appurtenances unto the said James Clements and unto his heirs and Assigns forever and the said Benjamin Lankford and Winifred his Wife doth further -?- James Clement and agree to and with the said James Clements his heirs that they the said Benjamin Lankford and Winifred his Wife and their heirs do Covenant and agree to and with the said James Clements and his heirs that the aforementioned Land and Premises against all Persons Whatsoever shall and will Warrant and forever by these Presents Defend In Witness whereof the said Benjamin Lankford & Winifred his Wife hath hereunto set their hands and Seals the day and year above Written Signed Sealed and Delivered in Presents of Ben Lankford S S
Benjamin Clement Benjamin Clement Jun. Winifred Lankford, his wife Thomas T Roberson

That on the day and year within Mentioned full Peaceable and Quiet Possession and Livery of Seizen of the within Mentioned Land was by the within Named Benjamin Lankford ; Winifred his Wife given and delivered unto the Within named James Clements and his heirs according to the present true Intent and Meaning of these within written Indenture
Ben Lankford Winifred Lankford Rec.d Sept 22 1767 of James Clements Thirty Pounds Current Money it being the Consideration Money within Mentioned to be paid to me.
Benj.a Clement, Benjamin Clement Ben Lankford At a Court held for Pittsylvania County on the 25th Day of September 1767
This Indenture together with the Memorandum; Livery and Seizen and Reciept herein Indorsed was acknowledged by Benjamin Lankford Party thereto and ordered to be Recorded By the Court

Teste Will Tunstall Cl.P. Court

Friday, November 23, 2007



Dobson, David, Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785 (Athens, Georgia, University of Georgia Press, 1994, 2004) endnotes, bibliography, index. Overview of Scottish migrations to Canada, America, and West Indies. Good jumping off place for further Scottish research.

Langguth, A. J., Union 1812: the Americans who fought the Second War of Independence, (New York, Simon & Schuster, 2006) endnotes, bibliography, index and maps and photos. This book proves that study of history can be enjoyable. Now if only the students in schools across the nation could have an opportunity to study history in a manner such as presented by Mr. Langguth. Besides the usual dates, places and names, Mr Langguth has managed to fill the pages with quotes and bons mots and other thoughtful statements by the players in American history. The political in-fighting and social climate are a teasers and will lead the reader to further materials.

Ramsey, Robert w., Carolina Cradle: Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier 1747-1762 (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, University of North Carolina Press, 1964) ISBN 0-8078-0934-9 and ISBN 0-8078-4189-7 (paperback)
Every index (but be watchful for those missed in the generous Footnotes), Maps, Appendices, Tables, Bibliography
Comment: Absolutely a Must Read for those whose families are of Scot/Irish or German ancestry. My copy is highlighted and used to identify families who resided in Pennsylvania and migrated to Virginia frontier and thence to North Carolina where they sunk deep roots. If your family migrated south or west, you will want to read this book. Mr. Ramsey includes information on families such as occupations, marriages and identifies the land on which they settled or the church they attended. Much more, plus historical events.
I cannot praise this book enough. It is a 5-star work. My ancestors are not included in this work so this is an objective commentary.

Brands, H.W., Andrew Jackson, His Life and Times (New York, Doubleday, 2005)
ISBN 0-385-50738-9
Source Notes, Annotated Bibliography, Indexed
Comment: Very readable. Good outline of the events between the end of the American Revolutionary War through the acquisition of Texas. War of 1812, Indian Removal, Seminole Indian War, Life on frontier and settlement of the southwest. Profiles the politicians and other players in the state and federal government and fight to save the Union from British interest in regaining the United States and/or territories west of the Mississippi River. Slave issues, industry vs. agriculture interests, Bank of America and its effect on farmers and the national economy.

Horn, James, Adapting to a New World: English Society in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake: Chapel Hill, North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press, 1994)
Published for the Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia. This work covers a 100-year period from 1609 to 1710 in the Chesapeake and background history in 16th Century England. Contains many tables, charts, maps, index of names, subjects and places, and citations to documents in Virginia and England.
Comments: The book's footnote bibliography is cumbersome and if republished needs a separate bibliography. One needs to use highlighter and post-its to get back to book titles of interest for further reading. A must-read for genealogists wanting to understand the first settlers and their daily lives in Virginia and Maryland.

Rappleye, Charles, Sons of Providence: The Brown Brothers, The Slave Trade and The American Revolution, (New York, NY: Simon and Schuster, 2006) ISBN-13:978-0-7432-6687-1

One family's rise to prominence in Rhode Island, brothers divided by ideology: slave trade vs antislavery movement. Quaker, Moses Brown 1738-1836 and trader, John Brown 1736-1803.
A bird's eyeview of the period prior to, during and after the American Revolutionary War.

Labunski, Richard, James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights, (New York, NY: Oxford University Press,2006) ISBN-13-978-0-19-518105-0
David Hackett Fischer, Series Editor Pivotal Moments in American History.

Gaines, James R., For Liberty and Glory: Washington, LaFayette, and Their Revolutions. (New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company, 2007) ISBN-978-0-393-06138-4
I suggest a reading of Rappleye's Sons of Providence noted above for beginning American Revolutionary War students before reading Mr. Gaines' work in that references to problems facing Washington are made without documentation and leaves new readers questioning his statements. His treatment of Washington portrays a man fraught with problems, tasks and duties which would have crushed most men. This book does reveal the harshness of war and creating a nation with self-serving parties under-cutting the work through greed and lust for power.

O'Kelley, Patrick, Nothing But Blood and Slaughter, 4 volumes on Revolutionary War in Carolinas (Blue House Tavern Press, 2004) ISBN 1-59113-458-7,Inc.
My comments: Has excellent Notes with source materials; use of battle formations will assist researchers studying a particular battle and the units involved.

McCullough, David, 1776, (Simon & Schuster, 2005) ISBN-13:978-0-7432-2671-4; indexed with source notes and bibliography. Font is easy on elder-eyes.
My comments: Reads like a fast-paced thriller and hard to put down. Covers one year, 1776, and Washington's army in battles of Boston, Brooklyn, New York and Trenton. Maps and portraits of main characters included. Much of the material is from letters of men who served as soldiers which makes this book all the more insightful of the conditions of 1776 and that of the soldiers who suffered mightily.
At was not a Very Good Year.


Mills, Elizabeth Shown, Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1997) ISBN 0-8063-1543-1
A Must-Have for all genealogists and family researchers and writers.

Mills, Elizabeth Shown, Evidence Explained, Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2007)
ISBN 13:978-0-8063-1781-6

Mills, Elizabeth Shown, Professional Genealogy, A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers and Librarians (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2001) ISBN 0-8063-1648-9

Doran, Michael F., Atlas of County Boundary Changes in Virginia, 1634-1895 (Athens, GA: Iberian Publishing Company, 1987) ISBN 0-935931-30-9; phone 1-706-546-6470 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-706-546-6470 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-706-546-6470 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-706-546-6470 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-706-546-6470 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, New Papyrus Company, Athens GA (2003 9th printing)
This atlas is sure to be used frequently by southern researchers following their ancestors from county to county as new lines were drawn.

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Halifax County Virginia Documents

Halifax County Order Book 2, Part 1
June, 1757 Court
On the motion of Hugh Moore,Gent. Halifax Sheriff, Benjamin Lankford and Theophilus Lacy took the usual oaths of an Under Sheriff.

November 18, 1757 Court
To Ben Lankford for46 Insolvents.... 2726 Lbs. Tobacco.

Halifax County, Virginia Deeds

17 Oct 1758 Halifax Co. VA, DB 1, p. 528: Luke Smith of Provence of North Carolina to James Farris of Halifax Co., Antrim Parish, for L4, 100 acres bordering Anderson, branch of Allens Creek, end of Rocky Hill, Luke Smith. Signed: Luke Smith, Judah X Smith. Wit: B. Lankford, John Hearness, Joseph X Farris. Rec. 17 Oct. 1758. *

18 Oct 1758 Halifax Co. VA, DB 2, p. 34: Luke Smith of Provence of North Carolina to Joseph Farris of Halifax Co., VA, Antrim Parish, for L50, 632 acres, bordering east branch of Allens Creek to foot of Mountain. Signed: Luke Smith, Judah X Smith. Wit: Benjamin Lankford, John Hearness, James X Farris. Rec. 17 May 1759. *

Halifax County Deed Book 17
William Lankford from William Whitehead Sr. for 20 pounds, 40 acres on north side of Reedy Branch. 16 August 1794.

Halifax County Orders 1764-1766
June Court 1765
George Deatheridge,Plt. vs Peter Bowman, Deft. In Case. Benjamin Lankford of Halifax become special bail for Deft.

Halifax County Orders 1764-1766
August Court, 1765
Philip & George Deatheridge, Plts. vs. Peter Bowman, Deft. In [Case]. Benjamin Lankford of Halifax become special bail for the Deft. And thereupon the said Benjamin Lankford immediately delivered the said Deft.up, in discharge of his recognizance, and the Plt., by his attorney, rays him committed, etc.

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Carol Langford Totten Obit of California July 2007

Carol L. Totten

January 17, 1916 - July 28, 2007
CAROL LOUISE TOTTEN passed away early on July 28th in La Selva Beach, CA and will be dearly missed by her loving family. Carol was born on July 1`st, 1916 in San Francisco, CA. She lived in Panoche Valley until age 4 and then lived in Hollister, CA. She graduated from San Benito Junior College in 1935. She married the love of her life, Frank Leon Totten and raised her family of three children first in Aromas and then in Watsonville. Carol was a homemaker, a gardener and a wonderful seamstress. She loved caring for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She belonged to the First United Methodist Church of Watsonville. She was a member of the church Women's Circle and Sewing Group. She is predeceased by her husband, Frank Leon Totten, parents Clara and Lloyd Langford, brothers, Leland Langford, and Broderick Langford. She is survived by her daughter, Janis Totten Rice and husband Kent of Santa Cruz; Philip Leon Totten and wife Sandy of Raton, New Mexico; and Jerry Stephen Totten and his wife Linda of Dunsmuir. Also survived by 9 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren which she delighted in being with, and a special brother and sister in law, Clarence and Merna Totten of Watsonville and many nieces and nephews
No services are planned. Her cremated remains will be scattered in Panoche Valley at a family gathering. Donations can be made to the First United Methodist Church, 229 Stanford St., Watsonville, CA 95076 or the Hospice Caring Project of Santa Cruz County, 940 Disc Dr., Scotts Valley, CA 95066. Davis Memorial Chapel of Watsonville is in charge of arrangements.

Services provided by: Davis Memorial Chapel

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LANKFORD/LANGFORD in Virginia and Massachusetts

Magazine of Virgina Genealogy, Vol. 35, No. 2, page 120

Lankford, Elizabeth, life estate land from will of Hiram Lankford, 1814
Lankford, Hiram, life estate, part of Hiram Lankford deceased land, also
received land from Elizabeth Minor decd. also part of Hiram Lankford
decd. land 1816
Lankford, Hiram of North Carolina, land from a part of Hiram Lankford
decd land, 1816
Lankford, William of Massachusetts, land from Hiram Lankford decd land, 1816

Gloucester County Virginia
War of 1812 Payroll
Capt. Horatio G. Harwood's Company
21st Regiment, Virginia Militia commanded by Col. Camp from 27 April to
13 September 1814
Hiram Langford, Private, Time of Service: 21 days
Capt. Matthew Gibbs Company
21st Regiment, Virginia Militia commanded by Lt. Col. William Jones from
22 September 1814 to 26 December 1814
Hiram Langford, Private, Time of Service: 1 year 8 days

1810 Gloucester County Virginia Federal Census, Page 407 (stamped)
Isabella Lankford
Hiram Lankford
Eliza Lankford

1850 Plymouth County, Plymouth, Massachusetts Federal Census, Page 159 (stamped)
603/054 William Langford, 64, Farmer, b. Virginia
Betsey, 63, b. Mass.
Mary Ann, 27 b. Mass
John Lankford 27, Carpenter, b. Mass
Celestine, 23, b. Mass
Catherine, 2, b. Mass

1860 Plymouth County, Plymouth, Massachusetts Federal Census, page 120
846/1070 Betsey Langford,73
Mary L. Nickerson, 4
William Langford, 40, Mariner
Mary B. Langford, 41
Ebenezer Nickerson, 32, Mariner
847/1071 John Langford, 37, House Carpenter
Celia S., 31
Katie, 11
Celia S. 8
-?_ E., 4 (first name is written poorly)

William Langford b. Virginia about 1786 married 1807 Betsey Morton