Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Edward Davis family of Kershaw County South Carolina


Typed here as it appears in transcription at the South Carolina Archive
Names are in bold; slave names are in italics. This was done due to the lack of proper spelling and capitalization.

Kershaw County Wills, Volume 1 1770-1841, page 3 Roll 14, SC-Ar-M/9-14 AD 536

South Carolina
Craven County
St. Marks Parish
May 14, 1770

Edward Davis
Lying very week & Low in helth but in his proper Sences agres that this Shall be his Last will & Testament----
first I bequeath & Leve all your Land & Leving to my wife Nelley Deuring her wider /// hood & if She marres to be David as I Shall mention if not to her Deurering her Life after her Desese I bequith &give to my Daughter wenerfor draden the Land & premisses whare on I now Live to her & her heirs for Ever to enjoy the S.d premisses at her mothers marry or Desese all So the bed & furniture that the S.d Wennefer lys on allso my Desire is that my Daughter have the first Child that arron one of my wenchis bars that Should Live the Space of one year & a Day

William Canty attr. the next two lines look like they have had a line drawn through them.

after her mothers Desese or marrey I bequith & give to my Son henson a negro Cald george after his mother Desease or marrey.
I bequith & give to my Son Rozure any one hundred acres of Land Situate on the south Side of Little Linches Creek. Allso the second Child that arron one of my wenchis brings that Lives a yeare & a Day.
I bequith & give to my Son maSon one negro boy Cald frank after his mothers deces allSo I be quith & give to my Daughter Ester one Negro wench Cald Sara after her mother Decese & give to my Daughter Rache.1 one Negro gal Cald Sue to her & her heirs for Ever after her mothers Deses.

[Undeciferable line here:] --- to be Eqully -- -- my
Children after my Wife Decese
Allso I make & ordain her my Sd Wife to be Executrix of this my will in trust for the intent & purposes in this my will ----Struck out line---- & I mak my friend Joseph michael venson of this my will to take care & see that the Same performed acording --- & memory
in witness wherof I the d.s Edward Davis have to this my Last will & Testament Set my hand & Seal the Day & years above Ritten Sind & Deliver'd by the s.d E.d Davis as & for this Last will & Testament in the preseces of us Who ws presence at the Signing & ---- of
N. S. Robinson his
Patrick McKain Edward x Davis (SEAL)
Jacob Heley mark

Wenefer x Davis at the allreng of this above will.

Not Recorded
Sworn Oct. 16, 1786
J.P. I. Alexander
Apt. 19 Pkg. 634