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Langford and Lankford of Alabama

Smith Chapel Cemetery
Collinsville, DeKalb County, Alabama
Lankford, J. D., b. 1909, d. 1938
Lankford, John M., b. 1876, d. 1923, SS Nettie C. Lankford, Masonic emb.
Lankford, Nattie C., b. 1886, d. 1939, SS John M. Lankford, mother

Trinity United Methodist Church Cemetery, aka Burnt Church Cemetery, DeKalb County ALALANKFORD,DOLLIE b.Dec.3,1911-d.Aug. 17,1982 ss/w Robert D. Lankford
LANKFORD,ROBERT D. b.June 2,1898-d.May 14,1987 ss/w Dollie Lankford-------------------------------------------



Directions: (From the north) From I-24/I-59 Junction, go south on I-59
approximately 39.9 miles to Exit 222 (Fort Payne), turn right on U.S.
Hwy. 11, turn at second road to left, County road #27, at stop sign (3-
way stop) proceed straight on to Airport Road go approximately 2 miles
turn right on to Houston Loop Rd. W, driveway to cemetery 0.1 mi. on
right. Cemetery located behind Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall at corner.
(From the south) Exit I-59 north at Exit 218 turn left on to State Hwy
35 (towards Rainsville, AL) proceed approximately 0.4 mi. at first stop
light turn right on to Airport Rd. go 2.8 miles turn left on Houston
Loop Rd. W... cemetery on right.

DeKalb County Alabama Tombstones

Land for cemetery donated by John M. & Elizabeth B. Lankford. LANKFORD, ? b.Feb. (Remainder of stone broken-unreadable)

LANKFORD, ? b.Feb. (Remainder of stone broken-unreadable)
LANKFORD, ALEXANDER b.1842-d.1861 "Pvt. Co. E 12 Ala. Inf. C.S.A."
LANKFORD, AMANDA b.1871-d.1953 "In Sweetest Sleep-Sleep In Jesus"
LANKFORD, BILLY EARL b.Feb. 2,1925-d.Nov. 23,1965 "Son of Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Lankford"
LANKFORD, DEE JAY b.Oct. 18,1946-d.Nov. 4,1946 "Darling We Miss Thee"
LANKFORD ,ELIZABETH B. b.Feb. 12,1806-d.Nov. 3,1889 ss/w John M. Lankford (a)
LANKFORD, FRANCISE b.1842-d.1932 "In Sweetest Sleep"
LANKFORD, GENORA b.Dec. 26,1873-d.Oct. 19,1942 ss/w John M. Lankford (b)
LANKFORD, HOWARD DEE b.Dec. 14,1919-d.Dec. 12,1981 "SSGT. U.S. Army World War II"
LANKFORD, JAMES L. b.Dec. 22,1835-d.Feb. 22,1901 ss/w Mary D. Lankford
"Father""Serg. Co. B Ala. Cav.
LANKFORD, JAY HERBERT b.Feb. 20,1907-d.May 10,1989 ss/w Twyla M. Lankford
LANKFORD, JENNIE PUGH b.Jan. 14,1913-d.Dec. 26,1999 ss/w William Emory Lankford
LANKFORD, JOHN B. b.1831-d.1903 "Co. C 3 Conf. Cav."
LANKFORD, JOHN B. b.June 12,1913-dFeb. 9,1914 "Son of J.M. & Genora"
LANKFORD, JOHN HARRY "LEFTY" b.Jan. 25,1914-d.Jan. 21,1999
LANKFORD, JOHN J. b.Oct. 2,1884-d.Apr. 25,1971 ss/w Nola Poe Lankford
LANKFORD, JOHN M. b.Feb. 25,1808-d.Nov. 17,1882 ss/w Elizabeth B. Lankford (a)
LANKFORD, JOHN M. b.Aug. 1,1872-d.Sept. 22,1954 ss/w Genora Lankford (b)
LANKFORD, L. PALESTINE b.June 17,1859-d.July 4,1890 "Sister"
LANKFORD, MARY A. b.Aug. 1845-d.Feb. 6,1890 ss/w Peter H. Lankford
LANKFORD, MARY D. b.Oct. 10,1833-d.Dec. 29,1907 ss/w James L. Lankford
LANKFORD, MARY E. b.Oct. 3,1880-d.Sept. 14,1963 ss/w William H. Lankford
LANKFORD, N.A. b.Jan. 16,1863-d.July 5,1899 (Nancy A. ?)
LANKFORD, NOLA POE b.Jan. 2,1892-d.May 18,1864 ss/w John J. Lankford
LANKFORD, PETER H. b.Nov. 26,1831-d.Oct. 11,1900 ss/w Mary A. Lankford (Pvt. Co. E
12 Ala. Inf.
Confederate States of America)
LANKFORD, ROBERT A. b.Oct. 14,1864-d.Apr. 20,1886 "Our Loved One"
LANKFORD, ROBERT VICTOR b.Nov. 17,1917-dOct. 11,1985 ss/w Tressie June Lankford
LANKFORD, SARAH A. b.Sept. 21,1839-d.Sept. 8,1866 (stone broken)
LANKFORD, S.(usan?) b.1806-d,Dec. 16,1883
LANKFORD, TRUSSIE JUNE b.Apr. 24,1921-d.May 25,1998 ss/w Robert Victor Lankford
LANKFORD, TWYLA b.Oct. 8,1918-d.---------- ss/w Jay Herbert Lankford
LANKFORD, VICTORIA b.1859-d.1935 "In Sweetest Sleep-Sleep In Jesus"
LANKFORD, W.C. b.Feb. 1,1867-d.Mar. 15,1901
LANKFORD, WEBSTER HOBSON b.Sept. 24,1904-d.Apr. 11,1972
LANKFORD, WILLIAM EMORY b.Feb. 21,1912-d.Apr. 12,1997 ss/w Jennie Pugh Lankford
LANKFORD, WILLIAM H. b.Sept. 7,1879-d.Dec. 23,1963 ss/w Mary E. Lankford
LANKFORD, WILLIAM MATSON (stone unreadable, grave left of John J. Lankford's
grave,son of John J. Lankford,
source: Nola Lankford Baker, grand-daughter of John J. Lankford) d.Apr. 1921

Contributed by Rose Cranston a Langford researcher and very is very much appreciated.