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(written Sept. 24, 1803 - Franklin Co., NC)

To wife Charity during her widowhood all lands and plantations, all the negroes, all the livestock, all the household furniture, all the plantation utensils. After the remarriage or death then:
To son Micheal ELEY 400 acres, including where he now lives, adjoining Brittain HARRIS and Samuel WILLIAMS, and the 4 negroes Rachel, Misey, Charles, Permelia;

to son Benjamin ELEY 200 acres adjoining Micheal ELEY, HILLSMAN, JACKSON, and 1 negro man Will already in his possession;

to daughter Joanna LANKFORD 1 negro woman Jenny, 1 bay mare named Diamond already in her possession, and lend to her 74 acres including the house Elisha LANKFORD now lives in, the drinking spring, and bounding on Counsel JONES line, and after the death this to go to grandson J. Eley LANKFORD;

lend to daughter Priscilla BONDS 1 negro girl Rose, and after Priscilla's death she and increase to be divided among granddaughter Betsey BONDS and all the younger children of daughter PRISCILLA, and lend to her 1 negro boy Elisha, and after her death he to go to grandson John Eley BONDS, and to Priscilla the 21 dollars owed by Wright BONDS;

to daughter Betsey ELEY 1 negro girl Hannah, 1 feather bed and furniture, 1 chest of drawers, 1 small chest;

to daughter Charity ELEY 1 negro girl Hester, 1 feather bed and furniture, 1 filly called Pleasant;

to daughter Patience Norflet ELEY 1 negro girl Phoebe, 1 feather bed and furniture;

to daughter Mourning Denby ELEY 1 negro girl Fillis, 1 feather bed and furniture;

to son Josiah John ELEY the plantation "whereon I now live" with all residue of land not already given away (600 acres), 1 negro girl Chaney, 1 feather bed and furniture, all kitchen furniture and plantation utensils, 1 horse, 1 yoke of oxen, 2 cows and calves, sows and pigs, 2 ewes and lambs, all the geese, turkeys, and other poultry.

The negroes Dick, Joe, Jeffrey, Liddia, Fillis, Gilley lent to wife Charity shall after her death or remarriage by divided among Michael ELEY, Benjamin ELEY, Betsey ELEY, Charity ELEY, Josiah John ELEY, Patience Norflet ELEY, Mourning D. ELEY.

Executors: Friends William LANCASTER, George TUNSTALL and if needed sons Michael ELEY, Benjamin ELEY.

Photocopy of microfilmed Will is in my files now and film is in library of Dallas Public Library

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