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South Carolina Revolutionary War Documents

Major Warley to Gen. Marion
[Horry MS.]

Camp Congaree, August 11, 1782.

Dear General:

I take the liberty of enclosing you the names of near 500 soldiers, belonging to the 3d regiment, most of whom were absent at the time Charlestown surrendered to the enemy. Many of them are entitled to their discharges; but the greater part are deserters, and I hope will be apprehended and made to serve their times over, at least. A few have already been taken up and tried by a court martial in camp, and sentenced to serve in the South Carolina line two days for every absent one. Whether this kind of punishment is right or not, I am at a loss to know; however, the men seem satisfied with it. I heartily wish this list may enable you to strengthen our line, which is still very weak, as you will see by the annexed return of the detachment under my command. I propose making out a few copies now, in order to send to Gens. Henderson and Pickens, and to some of the militia Colonels. Corporal Gambell unfortunately, a few days ago, killed one of the recruits from Georgetown, by the name of Charles Smith. He was soon after committed to Orangeburgh jail by a magistrate of this district. I have not heard what success the officers recruiting have had lately. Lieuts. Martin and Langford wrote Gen. Huger, about a fortnight ago, that they then had enlisted eight men for the South Carolina line, four of whom are in camp, the rest on furlough. Capts. T. Warley and Levercher have, also, sent from Georgetown nine recruits, and two other soldiers.I am, with the greatest respect, dear General,

Your most obedient humble servant,


(From Documentary History of the American Revolution, by Gibbes, Volume 2, p. 206)

Doc ID: Gibbes, v. 2, p. 206
Date: 8/11/1782