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Will Book A (1813-1841) Madison County Georgia
Page 1 ~ John Thompson
29 Oct 1811
To my younger brother William Thompson, my part (which is the half) of the land on which we now live, consisting of Mills, Distillery & Cotton Machine, Waggon & Harness. Balance of property consisting of 4 Negroes, lands, stock, household and Kitchen furniture to be divided equally between my brothers and sisters, Viz: James Thompson, Sarah Robbinson, Ruth Strickland, Alexander Thompson, Esther Langford, Robert Thompson, & William Thompson. Exec: Alexander and William Thompson. Signed: John Thompson. Witness: John Mayes, James Ramsey. Rec'd: 12 Mar 1813. William Sanders, CCO.

Will Book B, Madison County Georgia

Page 324 ~ Elbu Collins
October 1882
To my beloved wife Malinda Collins, the companion of my bosom and the partner of my joy and of my sorrows, for and during her natural life, the tract of land on which I now live known as my home place, with all the improvements and appurtenances, together with the tract or little parcel which I purchased from W. J. Burgess and the little parcel I purchased from H. F. Davis, also the town tract and the Burroughs tract, all lying adjacent to my home tract. I also give my wife for and during her natural life all my household and kitchen furniture, four mules to be selected by herself, also two cows and calves, and ten head of hogs. All the property real and personal mentioned I give to my wife for life, it being understood that my son Joab T. shall live with my wife, --- the farm, take care of the property, kindly and affectionately treat his mother, support and maintain both my self and my wife so long as we both shall live, and in all particulars continue as he has been a dutiful, kind and affectionate son. And in consideration that my son Joab T. is to live with, support, maintain and kindly treat both myself and my wife during our lives, it is my will and desire that all the property herein before bequeathed to my wife for life shall at her death become the property of my beloved son Joab T. Collins. To my daughter Harriett F. Thornton, in addition to what I have heretofore given her, the sum of $500 in cash. To my daughter Margaret M. Hawks, in addition to what I have heretofore given her, the sum of $500 in cash. To my son Joab T. Collins in trust for the use and enjoyment of my daughter in law Ellen Collins and my grandchild Minnie Collins, the wife and child of my son James Willis Collins, and any future wife and child or children of my son James Willis Collins, the following property, to wit, a tract of land known as my Rice tract, and that part of Christian tract which I yet own, and also that part of the Shoemaker tract which I yet own, said property to be held in trust for the use and benefit of the wife and children of J. W. Collins until his youngest child becomes 21, and then the title to this property shall rest absolutely in the children of J. W. Collins if J. W. Collins is not in life, but if in life then title to rest with in J. W. Collins jointly. To my son Joab T. Collins, the tract of land known as my Bill Place or Mill tract, also my Wilhite tract and my Deadwyler tract. To my beloved daughter Huldah P. Langford, for and during her natural life, the following property, to wit, my Roland Brown tract, my Griffith tract, and my Miller tract, to remain her property during her life and at her death to become the property of her children. The children of those deceased shall stand instead of the deceased parent. If there be in my will apparent differences made between my children, my reason for the differences is their difference in treatment which I have received from them. I have given to my daughter Harriett F. 200 acres of land heretofore and to Margaret M. $800 in money heretofore. My property not herein before specifically mentioned and disposed of to be sold and applied to the payment of any debts and expenses that may arise from my death and burial, and to the payment of the two cash legacies bequeathed to my daughters. Executor: my son Joab T. Collins. Signed: Elbu Collins. Witness: Isaac Strickland, J. T. Adams, Henry David, J. B. Estes. Rec’d Nov 1882.