Saturday, January 06, 2007

John Langford Land Grant 1731 Henrico County Virginia

John Langford, 300 acres. (Lapsed Land), Henrico County on West side of Uffnam Brook, 22 February 1731, page 363, Patent Book 14. Granted to Richard Mosby, 10 February 1725, on condition of seating and etc. John Bacon, Gent., of New Kent County obtained grant for same which he made over to said Langford, now granted and etc. 30 Shillings.

Land History:
Richard Mosby, 300 acres (New Land), Henrico County on west sie of Uffnam Brook, 19 February 1725, page 339, Patent Book 13, page 339. 30 Shillings.

John Bacon of NewKent County, 1600 acres (Old and New Land), Henrico County, beginning on Ufnam Brook, parting his own and land of John Watson, down said Brook to the mouth of where it falls into the Chickahominy River or Sw. adj. Thomas Owen; 13 October 1727, page 282, [ and description continuing.] Paid 3 Lbs. Money.