Thursday, July 20, 2006


McMinn County Court Minutes

p.101, 7 Sept 1826; Petition of Gabriel Cantrell to legitimatize Susannah Lankford his illegitimate child by Mary Ann Landford and change her name to Susannah Cantrell. Says conduct of mother before birth makes it uncertain but probable that he is father.

p.369, 4 Jun 1838; Robert Lankford a minor bound to George Peahorn and Malinda Lankford a minor bound to John Grayham.

p.370, 5 Jun 1838; Wm. Lankford an orphan boy bound to Geo. W. Mayo.

p.375, 3 July 1838; James Lankford bound to Dempsey Casey by the assent of Gibson Lankford his father.

p.377, 6 Aug 1838; John Lankford bound to Allen McRoy, the father assenting.

p.414, 7 Jan 1839; Joel Thacker paid for keeping an infant child of Gipson Lankford for 2 months.