Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Papers of the Continental Congress

Memorials Address to Congress 1775 - 1788

Microfilm Roll # 49; No. 41, Vol. 2, page 437

Subject: Express Riders' Pay

To the Honorable the Congress of the United States of the Thirteen United States of America

The Memorial of William Dodd, Levallin Barry, Patrick McClosky, Richard Ross
humbly Sheweth that Your Memorialists were employed by Mr. Hancock late President of Congress in the Year 1777 as expresses That your Memorialists never had any Settlement with Mr. Hancock nor knew what pay they were to receive but were informed by him that they should receive pay to their Satisfaction. That within these two Months past The Auditors appointed to settle their Accounts had allowed them only Twenty five Shillings per day from their Time of Entrance to the first day of August 1777 and from the said First day of August to the first day of November following Thirty five Shillings per day they bearing there own Expenses, which Sums on Account of the dearness of Travelling & your Memorialists find barely sufficient to defray their necessary Expenses. That your Memorialists would not had they conceived they would be allowed no more pay would have not continued so long in the said Employ.
Your Memorialists therefore pray, That your Honors would be pleased to take the premisses into Consideration and order that such Augmentation be made to their pay during the Time aforesaid as to you shall seem meet.
And your Memorialists will ever pray etc.
Philadelphia November 9, 1778
Wm Dodd
Levallin Barry
Patrick McClosky
Richard Ross